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As you may remember, Dyffed and Dena were in an auto accident during the evacuation from Hurricane Gustav.  Also in the van were both Dena's parents and her aunt.  Her mother sustained some cracked ribs and is in a nursing home for the foreseeable future.  Her father, a heart patient, was also in the nursing home for a few days, but the strain proved too much for his heart and he passed away.  Her aunt appeared to have only a minor head injury, but something went wrong - or was more wrong than they knew - and she has also passed away.  Dena has had her spleen and part of the large and small intestine removed, she had a bruised liver and has had multiple skin grafts totaling more than 16 operations since the accident, and is still in the Memorial Hermann Medical Center in downtown Houston Rm J6 33 recovering, though not in intensive care anymore.  Her recovery will be long and, naturally, she was unable to attend her father's or aunt's funeral.
She spends a great deal of her time alone as David has returned to work in Austin and she is still in a very considerable amount of pain each day, though she sounds better every time I talk to her. Keep her in your thoughts and send her correspondence to let her know you are thinking of her. Take some good pictures of Melees for us to give to her, she was really looking forward to attending this year. 


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