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Congratulations on the new job Phocas. 

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  Just looked at my "picture" inventory of the shed I did a couple
ago, after some things came up missing.  I count 8 Propane canisters, but I
think there are 9 (one under a bin I can't see for sure).  I know a fair
amount of them are full and a couple of them are 1/2 full and one or two
empty ones.

I have two of my own dry marker boards that I can let the Barony use. One is
a big one with a built in tripod.

Three Cheers!!!  I start my new job this morning at 8am!!!!  I will be
working at the same place Lord Adolf and Lord Aaron work!


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Does someone know without being there to look, how many propane cannisters
are locked in the shed?

There was a stack of items that some do remember to have been at the gate
at the concete slab for 2008 April's event.
At pack-up time, with so many helpers putting into various trailers 
or vehicles, or taken home, I am wondering how to help people find the

-loanable feast gear components
-walkie talkie, maybe in a grey tub?
-a cardboard box of surplus envelopes
-wooden squirrel box
-a bag of light sticks (snap and glow)
-message board, dry erase
-a bundle of vote-with-a-bean cups

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