[Bordermarch] Getting ready, looking for several items

tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Wed Oct 29 16:11:30 PDT 2008

I located the "lost" dry-erase marker board for having personal messages out 
It is good to know other boards are available if wanted at various venues, 
Like, say "Hydration, for the taking." ??? maybe ???

Good fortune at your new job assignment.

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> Greetings,
>  Just looked at my "picture" inventory of the shed I did a couple weeks
> ago, after some things came up missing.  I count 8 Propane canisters, but 
> I
> think there are 9 (one under a bin I can't see for sure).  I know a fair
> amount of them are full and a couple of them are 1/2 full and one or two
> empty ones.
> I have two of my own dry marker boards that I can let the Barony use. One 
> is
> a big one with a built in tripod.
> Three Cheers!!!  I start my new job this morning at 8am!!!!  I will be
> working at the same place Lord Adolf and Lord Aaron work!
> IS,
> Phocas

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