[Bordermarch] IKE

Bill C Burgin billcburgin at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 19 11:24:05 PDT 2008

Update: went by to check on Armuin. She is fine and rode out the storm with family.  Her family's floral shop - which they rebuilt after it was all but destroyed during Rita - sits next to the main rail line in Orange and is the point where the flooding from the river on one side of the tracks met the flooding from the bayou on her side.  The shop wound up with 4 feet of water inside and, at this time, they have no plans to reopen again. A tree fell in the back yard of her home and did some minor damage to an outbuilding and the detached garage. The part that was blocking the drive has been cleared and she has someone lined up to get the remainder removed in the near future. The people who help care for her are back on the job, and her neighbors are checking in on her, as well.  She is a little depressed right now, but I think she will be fine.  In her own way, she is as much a fighter as I have ever met.

I heard Theresa on the radio today, so I know she and Ken are home and have power (yea!).  Naturally, she was calling the radio station to help - with instructions for people who are having trouble sorting out the maze of hoops one must go through on the FEMA phone lines.

Son Bill(y) and Chelsie are back from Shreveport. Bill is back at work and Chelsie and soon-to-be baby are doing fine.  Baby is due at the end of October, but I don't think they will change their minds and rename him Ike (which I am OK with) ;{>

There are still a few in the Household, and in the Barony I have not heard from yet but, hopefully, we will soon.

That's all for now, except to extend a 'thank you' to Phocas from Armuin for his help in getting Trumpeters to her.  I appreciate the effort that goes in to a single printing so that she can have a large print version. Would it make things easier if we asked Sir Simonn to record a 'Trumpeter on tape'?  Do you think he would be willing?  Oh! If only someone with influence would ask him!  ;{>



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