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Theresa Liddle-Bernsen cre8tivtess at yahoo.com
Fri Sep 19 21:48:30 PDT 2008

Dear Populace,

Just a note from your 'emergency' moderator since the real moderators have no or limited access to email. We (Ken and Theresa) got our power back this morning blessings for that and we have only yard damage, a tree fell in the backyard onto our long shed that is a storage area. Lots of broken tree tops but none on the house. 

Spoke to Simonn and Tessa earlier today and they are still on generator with minimal damage. Both Simonn and Tessa have been sick, taking meds, but doing ok. I think that parts of their fence is down and some trees are damaged.

No telling where all this stuff in the air may have come from. So everyone take lots of vitamin C and wash your hands regularly. We could have things floating in the air from Mexico and even Cuba as big as this storm was. Ike did not stop at the border for vegistation inspection.

Baron/Baroness have power but some damage to house although not major. I think that they have already posted their conditions.

Armund and Catrien are ok and I think that I saw a post earlier about their home with some leaks and window damage.

Scott and Dena Steele are headed back from Austin, I talked to Dena last night and they were heading home in the morning, which was this morning.

Heard from Janna, she is ok in Bridge City. 

Jeffery the Barbarian has been checking on peoples homes that he knows about and his place made it ok in Port Neches. 

Also heard that the Kingdom Chirgeon, Kroaker (sp), he and his parents did evacuate before the storm from Galveston Seawall Blvd.

Also heard from Lady Libby and her family. They evacuated to Jones Country site and stayed in Diagos trailor for the duration of the storm. Shawn, Tim and Michael placed Shawns truck in the doorway of the castle to brace the door and put cinder blocks on the other side so the door held during the storm. The castle is still standing with no damage. They are home now in Beaumont with power and minimal damage. they lost a wall on the wash room on the back of the house but no major damage to the main house except for a leak over Tim's room, that Zane brought tarps to cover. They have a tree down in the back yard but it did not hit or damage anything. 

Little Todd and family went up to the site to look around. Only about 1/6th of the number of trees were affected as compared to damage by Rita. The big shade oak at the bridge might have very well dodged a bullet. A little plaster could probably help keep the bugs out also.

I heard this afternoon that Beaumont is lifting the mandatory evacuation at 6am tomorrow (Saturday), but the curfew is still from 8pm till 6am. 

For anyone that hasn't seen pictures of the devastation to the beach, rollover pass is impassible it looks like an accordion. Ferry landing is gone and the bridge from Houston, at last I heard, is closed. There is very little standing on crystal beach and bolivar. I saw a news reel of the Big Store at Crystal beach and the only thing left is the roof.

We have had calls and concerns from Glenn Ahbann (sp), Aten, and the West, from people making sure we are all ok.

Well I will leave for now and hopefully before long everyone will be back up and running. If you have heard from anyone please let us know. I have not heard from or know where Valencia  and Charles are but they should be fine since Charles is a tree trimmer and knows what should be done. I know there were some notes that where posted earlier that may have more information but I have not read all of them. When I got signed on this afternoon I had over 600 emails and not enough time to read all of them. :) Anyway everyone stay safe and hopefully we will all be back to normal soon.

Information on populace meeting date and place should come later from our Baron and Baroness. Gander Mountain has been closed. 

As well off as we are here, we send our prayers and thoughts to those who have lost so much more. Anything that we have here we will share.

I am yours in service,
Therese d'Ivoire 
Theresa Liddle-Bernsen 

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