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I think Chrestien's carrier pigeons must be sick....

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To Their Excellencies,

My deepest apologizes for missing Sundays gathering for practice in
the park. I had to travel to the north of the Coastal Region to retrieve
my oldest daughter. The Golden Dona kept the 2 youngest ones so Lady
Nora and I could make the trip and have a bit of quality time together.
During the trip I had the chance to reflect upon my life of mistakes
made, chances missed and future promises. I also did a little romancing
of my lady which I will NOT be sharing the details of.

As I traveled, I soon realized that our borders with Gleann Abhann
are not well patrolled around the Gray Wood area. I saw a small bunch of
men wearing red and black on shore. It appeared to me that they were 
hunting within our borders.I went ashore with a small group of my men to
question them. Just as I presumed, they were poaching on our Kings
land!! My crew and I befriended the group and invited them to board my
ship for drinks. They fell for it!!! The only thing they got to drink
was the water from the river that leads north!! Gleann Abhann's army is
now 5 less.

I did make it to the northern part of the Coastal Region and met with a
relative of my daughter that lives in Gleann Abhann. My daughter has
been up there for a few months. It scares me to send her over the border
to a kingdom with so few manners and teeth. I will say that I inspect my
daughters teeth every time I get her back. I just want to make sure that
the barbarians from Gleann Abhann don't try and steal them.

I am at a small eatery at the border, waiting as I writ this. This
eatery is actually very nice and clean, but still not sure whether to
eat the food or not. Although I am still in Ansteorra, They serve a full
menu upon request. At any time of the day you can order eggs and any
part of the pig you could want. Or if you prefer you can have beef and

The clientele is mixed. Seems they welcome all travelers regardless
of Kingdom. There are some wearing the black and gold of Ansteorra and
some wear the colors of Gleann Abhann. I feel rather uncomfortable here
knowing that I plan on killing many of their Friends and families when
we go to battle.

I also found out that Gleann Abhanns defenses are weak up here. I
inquired as to a local gathering of fighters for practice and was
informed that I would need to travel many miles to find a group. You
might want to pass this information on to His Majesty . This area is
primed for the picking.

After waiting for an hour, my daughter has yet to arrive. I have
slightly overcome my fears and ordered a cheese sandwich from the grill.
Not too bad. It appears that I was spared and not poisoned. Lady Nora
accompanied me and refused to order. I had no choice in the matter. My
stomach had been screaming at me for the better part of the hour.

Well my daughter has finally arrived, and yes she still has her
teeth. I will continue this letter when we return to the ship. I still
need to tell you what happened to my carrier pigeons. It is truly a


The return to my ship was uneventful, so now the story of the
pigeons. It seems that one of my crew wanted a pet. At this time no one
has confessed, but I am persuasive and will get my answer. So back to
the story, someone brought on board a large cat. Well the cat managed to
escape its captivity and made its way to the cage of pigeons.It was a
horrible site. The only thing left in the cage was feathers and a fat
cat. It ate all of them. In doing so, his belly expanded and he was
unable to escape the cage he got into. So now I have a pigeon cage with
a fat cat in it.. The dilemma I now face is: do I do I wait for the cat
to thin up so I can remove it from the cage and trow it and its owner
overboard or do I throw cat, cage and owner overboard. I'll leave the
outcome to your imagination.

This letter will be sent upon my return to the Barony. I will visit
in a day or two to get some more pigeons and possibly a cage.

I am back at the coast of Bordermarch. The trip went smooth. The
only news to report is that I have a new anchor....And yes a cage will
be needed.

In Service to the Dream,

Chrestien Brule

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