[Bordermarch] Late night conversation

David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Wed Aug 19 20:04:10 PDT 2009

Hidi-Ho Bordermarch,

I do have better things to do at this late hour, but HE Elisabeth has taken control of the Remote! She is focused on some sort of reality show about a women and her 16 kids.
I am missing Sponge Bob for that!

Tomorrow, 7:00pm, is fighter practice night at Rogers Park, the corner of Dowlen and Gladys Street in Beaumont. I hate to be redundant with this post, but I send it to myself to remind me of fighter practice, and I figure others might also appreciate it.

The weather looks to be clearing up for tomorrow night, but wear your Spandex just in case.

We've had several new submissions for names and devices in the last month or so, as well as some older submissions out there. Perhaps our Local Herald, Lord Aaron Whitewolf, could keep track of their progress, and inform our folks as to their submissions progress. I don't mean to put Lord Aaron Whitewolf on the spot what with him struggling to learn the english language and all, but I can't help myself!
Some good written directions that explain how one navigates the Kingdom website in order to track one's own submissions would be great! 

Has anyone seen or heard from HE Don Armand? He is missed.

Has everyone signed up for a Gate shift during BAM? If not, you'll have to get with our Gate coordinator, Lady Paddy Wack, and initiate a conversation for she is a shy young thing and quite reserved.

Anyone who wants to donate something to the gift baskets for our new champions at BAM, feel free to do so. Large or small we take it all!

The Ladies have all of the site tokens for BAM made, and only lack gluing some of them together. I have recently studied knot tying extensivly for the sole purpose of tying the thongs that encircle the tokens. 
I have decided that a Constrictor knot would be the easiest and most secure knot to use on the tokens. My only problem is that a Constrictor knot, if pulled to much, will constrict a whole lot!
I tried the knot out on a few of the tokens HE Elisabeth had finished and destroyed them. Luckly she wasn't around to witness the two halves of the tokens split apart and fly across the room when I pulled a tad too hard on the Constrictor knot.
I shall have to perfect my technique before I present the Constrictor knot to the Ladies. 
I did try a standard Slip knot, but the test token slipped out of my Slip knot and is now under the couch.
Perhaps some of our knot tying folks in the barony can come up with something simple; remember, we have over One Thousand tokens that need knots!

Gotta Go!!  a commercial is on, and Elisabeth has left the Remote unguarded. I shall attempt to gain control, but wait!! I though I heard my pillow whisper, "Master, it's sleepy time."

HE Santiago

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