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Bill C Burgin billcburgin at yahoo.com
Thu Aug 20 07:07:55 PDT 2009

<I just found out that someone in the barony is set aflame by the sight of really blue eyes; I shall not mention names.>

Could you give me a hint?  I have a wife and 15 yr old daughter (with intensely blue eyes) to protect!

<There is nothing in Guinness's Book of World records pertaining to nail clippings. Should we as a group strive for greatness, and go for the largest pile of nail clippings?>

Speaking for myself only, no thank you!

<Personally, I think she secretly wants another child!
I fear that Elisabeth's eggs might have dried up, thereby nixing the new baby thing, but I shall pursue with further research.>

HE Santiago

On the other hand, if You have not already made the argument of the unlikelihood of HE conceiving, You could assure Her that You also desire another child.  There being only one way to achieve this, You would be guaranteed many nights (afternoons, mornings, Your preference) of "practice," without the stress! Providing You really are convinced that conception is not possible!  If both of You are well aware that conception cannot take place (due to any of the ways by which a woman may be rendered artificially barren), feel free to support the idea of frequent practice, and claim age or a head injury (which, I understand, You receive regularly) for Your forgetfulness.

It is my duty to advise,

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