[Bordermarch] Actual Review of Practice

justinw at dreammakersetx.com justinw at dreammakersetx.com
Sun Aug 23 19:16:41 PDT 2009

First off Lady Nora took many pictures. Feel free to snatch them from my
facebook page. My preview of todays practice was really close with a few
surprises along the way. So lets get this started here.

My Grandfather did not show...

All went well. Sir Simonn and Zain were there. Gary and Jo-C also
were in attendance. Zane tried to get some melee training going but no
one was interested. Dona Leah was there but La Pooch ,Sasha, was not
there. However Sasha, Cadet to Don Armand was in attendance. Tomas or
Thomas how ever he spells it was there with his lady Jill. He is doing
very well. To everyones surprise Don Armand decided to grace us with his
presence!!! Of course he was late . Paddy Wagon
was there in her fancy padded helmet still complaining about something
to do with the gate...Lady Nora took pictures and fought with the
children. M'Lord Hector was present after an extended absence for the
area. The Frenchman that I can never remember his name was there. Lady
Jon The Man Eater and her children, Keith and Angel were there to watch
as well. There were some other people there but I am so bad with names.I
apologize if I missed you. Oh yeah Aldric was there too...But only in

And the most surprising thing about practice was the appearance of the
Druid HE Don Ericus. Although the mere sight of such an astounding
person is rare, the fact that he armored up and fought was the surprise.
Just in case anyone is curious....Yes he still has skills. Although I
was excited to see him armor up , he and I did not fight. Mainly since I
was always fighting someone else when he broke off from fighting. But to
ask him...As soon as he armored up I ran away to avoid having to face
such a seasoned opponent. :) WHat ever makes him feel warm and fuzzy
inside is ok by me. 

So my preview of the review was not exact but I will say it was close.

Thier Excellancies were not in attendance. They were in mourning because
on this date in 1305  William Wallace, Scottish patriot, was executed
for high treason by Edward I of England. 

Chrestien Brule

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