[Bordermarch] Actual Review of Practice

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Right you are M'lord Chrestien, although the passing of William Wallace brings saddens to our family unit, we wallowed through the misery by going to site to get things laid out for BAM.

It seems a large storm with high winds passed through the site awhile back and took out a trellis in one of the gardens. Lord Aaron Whitewolf found pieces, but the majority was blown away.
The trellis in Countess Tessa's garden was intact, but twisted up a bit. Some more trees were down, but have already been removed.

Gate will now be set up inside the fenced entrance where the little shack use to be. It's new location will help our security to better control entrants. There will be electricity available for Gate.

The location of the BFT will be moved down a little from last year. This will free up space for Merchants, Taverns, Scribal, and Herald's point.

This year there will be no RV's on site. RV's will park across the street in the oversized vehicle parking spots. These spot have water hook-ups, but no electricity.

The Bordermarch encampment will be sort of across from the south bathroom. After measuring the area needed for all the folks camping together as a barony, that was the most centrally located
area available to accommodate everyone. This year there will be no camping in front of the bathrooms.

It looks like most of the site's picnic tables are on their last leg. Plan on not having any available during BAM.

We will relocated some of the porta-cans to be of more use to our visitors.

Chirurgeon's point during BAM will now be at field side near our Water bearing station.

The Barony of Stargate has offered to coordinate Ansteorra's Auxiliary Army. The Auxiliary Army will supply food and drink for any of the fighters during the melees. They will certainly be looking for volunteers and food-stuff donations. We'll pass on more info as we get it.

Officer and populace meeting this Thursday at Gander Mountain's Lodge room in the back of the store. Officer meeting will take start around 7:00pm followed by populace meeting.
We'll be discussing Bam and September's A&S day.

HE Santiago

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First off Lady Nora took many pictures. Feel free to snatch them from my
facebook page. My preview of todays practice was really close with a few
surprises along the way. So lets get this started here.

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