[Bordermarch] December A & S

dan newby danvnewby at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 1 00:11:19 PST 2009

Well i am currently in the planning/sizing patterns stage of making a russian "Tyegilyai"
that will be worn under a "Kuyak" ... Hopefully i can manage to finish this project before our baronial.  btw a "Tyegilyai" is a type of quilted armor and a "Kuyak" is a type of leather/plate armor. 


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It's time once again to report on all the wonderful A&S pieces that all
you highly talented people are working on. If you are working on something
please email me so that I may include it in this months report. Also, remember
that Baronials is but 5 months away and I know for a fact that our stoutly Baron
and radiant Baroness would just be thrilled to see some of their populace enter
the A&S championship competition. If you need help feel free to contact me
and I will do everything I can to assist you.

In service I remain....

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