[Bordermarch] Lord Godric/Shean Rhame

Lady Libby sca.libby at gmail.com
Thu Jan 1 10:16:01 PST 2009

Well, Shean has been home for about a week and a half. I know there has been
a lot of questions about what happened. I've gotten a few calls. So I
thought I would try to explain a little. On Thanksgiving day Shean was
involved in a freak accident in which he was ejected from his vehicle while
leaving work. He suffered massive head trauma.He was flown to St.
Elisabeth's. Simonn, of course, was here in a flash to get Ashley to Shean's
side! While he remained in a coma, the following Tuesday, Shean was rushed
into emergency surgery due to massive brain swelling. The damaged brain
tissue had to be removed to save Shean's life. Shean's brain surgeon Dr.
Angel!!!!!Of course as soon as Ashley said call Simonn and Scott, they and
Dena appeared at the waiting room to show their support through what felt
like an eternity. The snow came and went and along with it so did Shean's
fever,infection, fluid in his lungs and the brain swelling too!!!!! I do
believe in miracles!!!!!!! Shean was able to come home on Dec. 22, but had
to return to ER the Dec 23 because he ripped out his feeding tube. Now the
long road to recovery begins. Shean's already amazing the doctors with how
well he's doing. He's able to walk on his own, just not for long. He's able
to talk a little, but he says it hurts to do so right now. He was feeding
himself before leaving the hospital. Christmas he was opening his Christmas
presents. Shean is doing a little better everyday. Yesterday, Dena took
Shean to see his friends at work. With Dena pushing Shean's wheelchair it
looked like Shean had his own private nurse. I believe Shean enjoyed the
trip! Last night he was even playing a couple of games of WII Bowling. Good
Physical Therapy. I'd like to thank all of those who took their time away
from things in their life to assist us during this time. We are truly
grateful!!! Thanks to Simonn and Tessa who came to the hospital I can't
remember how many times to show their support and to help run errands. And
to Simonn for running us to Shean's follow up visit. Shean's happy they took
out that feeding tube. Oh, and Ashley bought Shean some of his favorite
music with the$ 50.00 from Simonn and Tessa. To Scott and Dena who
constantly appeared at the waiting room to see how Shean was, and how we
were doing and if we needed anything and for running errands. Thanks to
Scott an Dena for all the groceries for Mike and Tim at home so I didn't
have to worry about them. Thanks, to Jayna for her time in running several
errands and thanks for the dinner too. Everyone's help is so Greatly
Appreciated!!!!!!!!!!!! We will never forget it!!!!! Doctor says Shean is
ready for visitors! Actually he says its good for him to see the people to
help him remember. Some things were still not sure of as far as what he
remembers. Thanks to everyone, everywhere for all the prayers. I truly
believe that had a a lot to do with Shean still being with us today!!!!
call if you want to come visit well let you know if he's awake. His sleeping
and eating still not so good right now. Thanks to all!!!!!  Libby

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