[Bordermarch] Seneschal Retirement :)

tessa tessa at gt.rr.com
Wed Jan 7 04:02:41 PST 2009

Good Greetings, Good Friends,
    As has been the discussion for several months, time is at hand for myself to "retire" from the position of baronial Seneschal.  Whew  :)   The office has been published as open for more than 60 days, accepting incoming applications.
    Primus, I must thank Their Excellencies Elisabeth & Santiago, the B & B of Bordermarch since their 2007 investiture, for their extreme good nature and their desire to communicate well and serve well for all their populace and to be the face of the barony unto the kingdom and verily unto the knowne worlde. With that, I must thank Their Excellencies Baron Armand & Baroness Caitrin De Lacy during the last year of their tenure for the trust they placed in me as Seneschal to facilitate matters within the barony and to coordinate the barony's office reports and communications. It has been a joy to serve the barony and baronial leaders whom I love so dearly.
    Secondus, any officer can be more effective and more efficient with the aid of Deputy Officers. All of the barony is aware that over the last three years or so, several Deputy Seneschals have shared responsibilities of facilitating officer meetings or populace meetings and helped to report data to Coastal Regional at any time that I was unable to fulfill the duty.
You know well these individuals, and I wish to thank them: 
    HE Baroness AmberLea Fairchild, who most recently again has volunteered to stand in for the Herald's Office until the next Herald may be selected -vivat; 
    Lady Padragain, who effectively served also a local A & S Minister to the point of being chosen as Coastal Regional Arts & Science Minister -vivat; 
    Lord Adolf the Bear who has helped with office communications or reports and is a good organizer by profession -vivat; and 
    HE Baroness Therese' d' Ivorie who is filling her heart's desire at the moment in serving the barony again as Acting Scribe and also wishes to help as Acting Historian -vivat. 
    Over the past three years the slate of officers has been wonderful to work beside and communicate with. I have learned much from you. There are sometimes fruit-basket turnovers as well new faces stepping into office responsibilities around the barony. To each of you come or gone in each of the offices, please accept my appreciation for your consistent and timely willingness to make copies of your reporting to your superiors at Coastal Region so that the local Seneschal files are informed and complete. 
    Most of these fine individuals have attended Round Table after Round Table for training in many office opportunities and responsibilities.You know their dependability, level of desire to serve, and their love for making the Dream happen that others may experience it. 
    Officers, please keep in mind through your avenues of volunteer service that there are a few major details to always hold as prime directives:
~ Uphold Kingdom Law, and where modern Civil Law supercedes the SCA, Civil Law doth reign.
~ Maintain detailed financial/legal records in a timely manner in consultation with your Financial 
    Committee Policy, with a budget proposal in place.
~ Consistently see that monthly Waivers are mailed to the Kingdom Waiver Secretary (address in Black Star).
~ Assist all other, each other, local Officers in back-ups or paperwork if necessary, to keep a seamless flow of reporting to Regional Superiors when required, to uphold the good name of Barony Bordermarch...   as surely you have til now.
    That said, and with December reports being made, and myself this winter growing older and frail, in agreement with Their Excellencies Santiago and Elisabeth of Bordermarch, I am about to rest, asking Deputy Seneschal Lord Adolf to assume responsibilities as Acting Seneschal for communications, locally and up and down the ladder through Regional to Kingdom, until such time as the Regional Seneschal Master Francois may warrant your next Baronial Seneschal.

May Peace and Grace bring each of you a merry New Year and believable Dream,
With love,
Tessa, Bordermarch


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