[Bordermarch] Illumination Contest held in Northshield

Theresa Liddle-Bernsen cre8tivtess at yahoo.com
Thu Jan 8 03:42:52 PST 2009

Greetings unto the populace of Bordermarch,

Below is a letter from Mistress Hillary posted on Scriptoris List concerning the illumination contest held in the Kingdom of Northshield. If you do not subscribe to the scriptoris list you might enjoy look at some of the illuminations created there. There are some beautiful pieces. Just thought you might like looking at the work done.

I am yours in service,


The kingdom of Northshield recently hosted a challenge to their scribes for scroll blanks; scrolls with illumination only that a calligrapher may insert any award text into for the Crown.  Thought you might enjoy taking a look at the results of the contest in their gallery: 

Many of these are quite lovely, some are very simple, a lot of different styles and techniques in use.  One problem I see with some of these scrolls is the illumination is right up next to the edge of the papers, leaving no proper border in which to correctly mat and frame the scroll.  

Some scribes from kingdoms that create all original scrolls, will develop their own master templates (like our charter masters) that they then use repeatedly for an original design, such as the small archer-vine-dragon header border.  One of the Atlantian scribes at Gulf Wars last year had some scrolls for folks to paint that she had created from her set of template masters. 

Hope you enjoy the gallery review.  
Cheers, Hillary
Theresa Liddle-Bernsen
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