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Mon Jan 19 19:10:40 PST 2009

Hello everybody,

First I would like to say that I am honoured to be the Seneschal for this fine Barony.? Countess Tessa has worked tirelessly for the last several years and is up for a well deserved rest.? One thing that I have quickly realized is that this position is going to be a busy one.? At this last weekend's round table it was pointed out that each officers?charter should go for no longer than 3 years.? One of the main reasons for this is to insure that no one suffers burn out in an officers position.? That leads me into the following announcements:

Due to several (much more than 3) years of service as Hospitaler it is time for Lord Vaclav Slovaczek to resign this office.? His tireless service to the barony has been an inspiration to us all.

Additionally due to severe life changes Lord Godric of the Axe has need to resign the office of Knight Marshal.? His service in this position will be missed, and his speedy recovery is hoped for by all in the barony.

Finally to insure it is announced again, the position of Herald is open for applicants.

Persons wishing to apply to one of these positions need to send an application for office (located on the Kingdom web site under forms) to the regional officer for the listed position (see below), myself as seneschal and the Baron and Baroness.

My contact information is as follows:

Robert Gobel
Cell Phone 832-205-1546? Please no phone calls past 9:30 pm unless emergency
Work Phone 281-417-7121
E-Mail other than the Seneschal at Bordermarch.org is RAGSEG at aol.com


Adolf the Bear

coastal at marshal.ansteorra.org 

coastal at hospitaler.ansteorra.org 

solstice at ansteorra.org 

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