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Their Excellencies Avery Shaw and Gwenneth of Glamorgan will host Ansteorra's first Cut & Thrust tournament at their Candlemas event in Bryn Gwlad on Saturday, February 7. The tournament will start at 1:00pm and end around 3:00pm. 

A tournament format will be chosen based on the number of fighters who attend in order that the tournament may run about 2 hours. If there are only a few fighters we may have a round robin tournament. If there are many fighters the tournament may be a common double elimination. Whatever we chose the format will be something familiar to most fighters. 

We are honored to have Mistress AEthelyan Moondragon as our Clerk of the Lysts. She has been a part of rapier since the first rapier rules were drafted for the SCA and we are proud to have her assistance with this first-of-it's-kind tournament in Ansteorra. 

All fighters must be authorized Cut & Thrust fighters before the tournament begins. This is a more complex and difficult authorization than regular rapier fighting authorizations and we will not set aside time to do authorizations before the tournament, so if you need to get authorized you should make arrangements with authorizing C&T marshals before Candlemas. 

All fighters must be acceptable to the Kingdom Cut & Thrust Marshal -- which happens to=2
0be His Excellency Avery Shaw. 

Here are some helpful links: 

Rapier rules including C&T: http://marshal.ansteorra.org/handbook/Complete%20Participant%27s%20Handbook%20Aug%202008.pdf (See section 3, rapier combat. C&T rules occur in many sections of the rapier rules, but you can find most of them by seaching for "Cut & Thrust" -- using the & symbol, not the word "and".)

Rulings/explanation of C&T blow calling: http://rapier.ansteorra.org/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=17&Itemid=44 (see the section on Acknowledgement of Blows 2/3 down the page)

Kingdom C&T marshal (to find authorizing marshals in your area) -- look in the back of the Blackstar under Deputy Kingdom Officers -- Deputy Marshals.

If you have questions about this tournament, please contact me, Christian Doré, at MIC-candlemas-CT at megaboxs.com

Christian Doré, Marshal In Charge

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