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Greetings, m'Lord,
     I am knitting as usual; I guess I should simply admit, "Hi, my name is 
Wendy, and I'm knit-addicted..." but it's cheaper than therapy!
     I just finished a neck scarf, in a soft grey yarn, that buttons around 
the neck via a knit rose. It's an accent scarf, as opposed to a 'winter' 
scarf. It turned out really nice, I thought. So I am on to another project, 
a technique for knitting triangles in a fashion that doesn't require them to 
be sewn together. It's called multi-directional knitting. Can be used for a 
lot of things. (More info than you wished for, I'm sure.) Boils down to: I 
am trying to learn something new. :-)
     I have half a pair of socks done for The Boy, and need to get the 
second sock started one of these days. There's always something... :-)
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Ok folks, it;s time once again to let me in on all your wonderful A & S 
projects. Let me know asap so that I can get them in my report for this 


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