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My Dear Nomis,
Please forgive me if I question your intentions towards our Nobles.  Surely you can understand how some of your comments may be seen as as attacks, especially on our Baroness. As for the trees, I have noticed that some are leaning precariously.  Let it be none however that I have been assured by there Excellencies that this is not intended to harm our Baron or populace in any way.  The trees are placed that way only to insure that they are kept safe from any enemies of Ansteorra who might find there way to the Baronial keep.

The Baron's talent and skills speak for themselves.  It saddens me to heat it takes such massive amounts of ale to open your eyes to fine workmanship.  Alas, I suppose we can't all be appreciative of the arts and sciences..  Perhaps too much time on the road leading a solitary existance has dulled your senses.
One more thing Nomis, I am afraid you have a false sense of safety.  HE Santiago explained the "little people" were trained by circus midgets.  I don't think a pouch of squirrel food will distract us, I mean them.  You will have to be much more creative.
Always on the watch as well,
Lady Cataline

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Dearest Lady Cataline,

While I understand your concern about the supposed "attacks" on the 
Baron and Baroness I can tell you that this is very far from the 
truth.  I would but serve as the lone voice warning about the aparent 
dangers present at the Baronial Keep.  If you would but notice the 
trees leaning precariously about the property you would know I speak 
the truth.

And as for the talent of the Baron, please note that the Celtic Horse 
started as a Dragon and is subject to interpretation based upon who is 
looking at it.  I myself was convinced it was a Basilisk at first 
look, a large amount of ale convinced me it was a underfed celtic 
horse.  Thus your confusion as to the quality of the piece is 

As far as the possibility of an attack from the rabid "little people"

I have equipped myself with a pouch full of Squirrel food that will 
serve as a distraction while I make my escape.

Please know that I appreciate your loyalty to the Baron and Baroness, 
I share the same feelings.  It is but a lonely task I have to watch 
over the hidden actions of this barony to protect thier Excelencies.

Always on the watch,

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