[Bordermarch] Brewing in Ravensfort

Kamoltwat Chooperpoon kamoltwatchooperpoon at yahoo.com
Sat Jan 31 06:27:09 PST 2009

Oh I would love so very much to attnd, but my wife sayd that wen I drink I am no better than Pakshuni the perverted one from old village in Pakistan nd learning to make beer wuld make it even worse. Sorry for not making meating the uther night, wife said I had to stay home and shave back, mine not hers.


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Hey all you brewers and brew drinkers,
  I recently received a missive from our old Baronial member Latham the Lunatic regarding a day of beer brewing at Lizard Keep ( Don Zorcons residence). If you are interested in going please let me know and I will get the information to you.This is what his messenger delivered to our guild.

"The reason for this message is about our next Brew Date at
Lizard Keep.. It will be Feb 22. We light fires at 9AM(give or take, as this is
SCA time!!!!) 

But we would love to have any and/or everyone who is interested
in beer making to attend." 

This is a great opportunity as Don Zorcon is an amazing brewer with an unbelievable amount of knowledge. Let me know if you are interesed and maybe a few of us can caravan over.

In service to Bianca, Bordermarch, and brewing I remain,

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