[Bordermarch] Gulf wars youth in combat

ragseg at aol.com ragseg at aol.com
Sat Jan 31 07:24:55 PST 2009

Som of you may be aware that theree was discussion about no youth (under 18) being able to fight with the adults at this Gulf wars.? I just read the following post off of Ansteorra list that gives us goods news concerning this subject:

Greetings Ansteorra!!

There has recently been a flurry of discussion regarding whether or not 
youth would be allowed to participate in melees at Gulf War this year. 
Society Earl Marshall has decided to allow our youth fighters to fight 
their home kingdoms combat rules. Yes, this does mean that 16 and 17 
year olds
will be joining us on the field of battle this year, excluding the 
battles taking place. These experimental battles include: the great 
weapon on
great weapon battle, and the bridge battle that follows the bridge war 
battle (allowing 2 inch thrusting tips on fiberglass spears).

I would like to thank Sieur Jean Paul de Sens, Sir Angus MacKnochard, 
and His
Grace Aaron McGregor for all of their encouragement in this matter. It 
is with
their support that we all may ben
efit from this endeavor coming to 
fruition. I
would also like to thank my Deputy Earl Marshall, Sir Morgan Buchanan 
fielding many comments and questions while I was continuing to work on 

In service I remain,

Ritte Asoph Hearts
EM AnsteorraKeive ruhe Fur die Boseyn.

This means that 16 and 17 year olds CAN fight in the Adult combats if they are properly certified.


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