[Bordermarch] Flowers and balls

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Mon Jun 1 18:30:45 PDT 2009

Dear Baron,

Almost all that you say is true.? I do have experience with flowery balls (it was a good idea at the time)?and waking up in shrubs but I cannot explain further for fear of offending.? Needless to say, a flowery cod sack is a wonderful feeling!

I must say that my true desire was to be able to put to rest the vicious and hurtful comments that this aged Nomis character has been saying about you and your fair lady.? Unfortunately I cannot speak in your defense.? Although I would like to say that your keep is clean and free of battlefield trash this would be far from the truth.? You have a problem!? A serious problem!? The refuse you keep is clutter at best, trash at worst!? I cannot tell you more plainly that the cardboard template of a bellows is not a bellows!? Your uncut slabs of wood are not a ballista, bow, lute, table, or any other item you care to imagine.? They are wood for the fire, not the exotic branches from the Banyan tree or any other special tree.? They are oak and pine and maybe willow at best.

As much as I wanted to prove Nomis wrong, I can't, which hurts my heart to say.? Please your excellency, seek help, buy a beaver, melt the metal, admit you are in?over your head.? Meet with me and we can work leather together, it is easier and we can make a neat pouch for you to wear.

Your friend,
Adolf the Bear

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