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Unto Lord Adolf the Bear,

I must ask myself, "Self; why would Lord Adolf wish to trouble his mind with my adventures in discovery?" Me-thinks it is a case of self loathing. A person whose personality leans toward self loathing is a person who wishes themselves capable of others abilities to freely step from the norm, and throw caution to the wind. This self loather will dash the efforts of any person with a free and creative aptitude. The self loather secretly wishes to express his hidden desires, but is held in check by the insidious fear that others might find his actions a bit unusual. 
One must look beneath the surface of everything! I say to you, "Dig deep and discover treasures where others see not but the skin of what is called life.
You speak of beavers yet surely you know it is the beaver who naws away at trees and converts them into mighty beaver huts. The beaver huts provide protection from the elements and natural enemies. The beaver continues with the harvesting of trees to construct a dam that gathers rushing waters into stilled ponds filled with an easily accessible food source. Can you not recognize the value of my collected stores of lumber, and the possibilities for its transformation in future? 
You jokingly speak of "melting the metal", yet you have seen with your own eyes the foundries I have constructed with the very same battlefield trash you ridicule me of collecting. My foundries have melted the hardest of irons which were then transformed by hammer and anvil into tools and weapons for the common man. I have gathered the finest river-sand and combined it with clay and wheat flour to make molds into which I pour molten metal. From the river-sand and molten metal come accruements used in the construction of weapons for the defense of our barony. 
You yourself have fondled the cured Mimosa tree that will be used as the lever for the blacksmith bellows. The bellows template you speak of is not cardboard. It is constructed of steamed and flattened bark from the Gumwat tree. The template has been passed from father to son for untold generations in my family. 
Soon, very soon, my smithy will become a reality. HE Elisabeth has expressed fears of attack from across the  great river "Sabine", and wishes more armor and weapons to be constructed.
Your leather working talents have proved to be a boon for Bordermarch and her neighbors. Since Nomis made off with my pouch and its monies, I will accept your offer to work some leather, but only if you would share your great strength and slow wit at my anvil. 

HE Santiago


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Dear Baron,

Almost all that you say is true.? I do have experience with flowery balls (it was a good idea at the time)?and waking up in shrubs but I cannot explain further for fear of offending.? Needless to say, a flowery cod sack is a wonderful feeling!

I must say that my true desire was to be able to put to rest the vicious and hurtful comments that this aged Nomis character has been saying about you and your fair lady.? Unfortunately I cannot speak in your defense.? Although I would like to say that your keep is clean and free of battlefield trash this would be far from the truth.? You have a problem!? A serious problem!? The refuse you keep is clutter at best, trash at worst!? I cannot tell you more plainly that the cardboard template of a bellows is not a bellows!? Your uncut slabs of wood are not a ballista, bow, lute, table, or any other item you care to imagine.? They are wood for the fire, not the exotic branches from the Banyan tree or any other special tree.? They are oak and pine and maybe willow at best.

As much as I wanted to prove Nomis wrong, I can't, which hurts my heart to say.? Please your excellency, seek help, buy a beaver, melt the metal, admit you are in?over your head.? Meet with me and we can work leather together, it is easier and we can make a neat pouch for you to wear.

Your friend,
Adolf the Bear
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