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Once again I am taken back at your immediate accusations concerning questions I pose.? Doth thou protest too much, one must wonder.? I only raised questions about your known asperations concerning the Shire of Blackmoor Keep.? I fully understand the historical implications that this Barony faces.? Remember I take the field and fight for her defense.? I will choose to take a watch and see approach to these new and developing issues.

Adolf the Bear

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Lord Adolf,

You read far too much into a simple gathering of our populace in which they 
shared their God-given talents with others.
>From your missive, I can only surmise that it is you who have a conspirators' 
We do make ready for war, but that is the natural flow of life for any 
Bordermarcher who has lived on the edge of annihilation for any length of time.
Our small barony must constantly be prepared for we are one of the few portals 
into the fair and Noble Kingdom Ansteorra. 
I now regard you and your actions with suspicion. Should I discover that it is 
you and that band of cretins you deem worthy of your attention stirring up 
trouble between Ansteorra and our good neighbors to the east, my reprisal shall 
be swift and without consideration of our long friendship.
Unknown to you and the general populace is the fact that Nomis is once again 
spearheading the information gathering effort in his travels throughout the 
known world. I must admit that I do have to weed through most of his 
communications due to his lack of judgment concerning certain situations. 
Although his wit is but a shadow of what it us to be, his childlike behavior 
helps to lull his contacts into a more relaxed state of trust.
I also have the Seventh Hand of Kebol's Assassin's Guild constantly feeding 
information to me concerning everything important.

My most pressing concern right now is the return of Nomis and the Jimwat bush. 
Unless my official food taster's throat bloat is cured, all in the barony fear 
the worst. 

Once again; THERE IS NO PLAN!

HE Santiago

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Your Excellency,

To say I am shocked to catch wind of your scheming and aggressive plans against 
our good friends from Blackmoor Keep would
 be an understatement!? I now realize 
that the A&S day that was just held was in fact a cover for your war 

While some of the classes (mine being one) were done in good faith, others 
obviously had other intentions.? Bow making- arming the troops no doubt, 
Scribal-how to write in code, T Tunic making- how to cloth the army quick and 
easy, Russian cooking- how to make a tasty goat dish, and the egg tossing class 
is obviously some type of ancient martial art self defense.

Who else is in on this plan?? I notice the Swordsman is suspiciousl quiet, the 
potter seems blisfully silent, the brewer, donless cadet and others seem fine 
with the news.

What say you to these charges?

Adolf the Bear

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