[Bordermarch] Siege Class at Ansteorran 30th

David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Wed Jun 17 18:24:20 PDT 2009

Greetings Miguel,

So far HE Elisabeth, myself, and Lady Padragin, will be in your class; attempting to get authorised. HE Elisabeth might be pulled early since she is partaking in the Everman tourney.
W'ell be arriving sometime thursday, and hoteling with Their Excellencies Ihon and Isabeau.

HE Santiago

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Subject: [Bordermarch] Siege Class at Ansteorran 30th

Hello Bordermarch-

Just a quick shout out to let everyone know I'm hosting a siege
authorization class at Ansteorran 30th this year and would love to
have you come out and play. This three-hour course is designed to get
you on your way to combat siege authorization. Never fired a weapon?
No problem! Feel your siege skills are bit rusty? Come practice. Don't
have armor? No worries - we can help you figure out what you need. I
especially invite any ex-siege marshals who wish to reestablish their
marshaling. Students who successfully complete this moderately
grueling course will receive siege authorization.

You will learn:
1) SCA siege combat rules - in detail
2) Who's Who in Ansteorran siege
3) Popular engine types used in SCA combat
4) Ideas on how to make your own engine
5) How to make SCA-legal ammunition
6) Armoring yourself for siege
7) How to operate an engine safely
8) EFFECTIVE siege combat tactics


I'm already half full but I'm very motivated to give siege a serious
jump-start here in the Kingdom. I will make room for you. Even if you
can't sit in for the entire class, PLEASE drop by, say hello and let
me know you're interested.

Lord Miguel de la Trebuchet
Authorizing Siege Marshal
Deputy Kingdom Missile Marshal (Siege)
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