[Bordermarch] Gavan of the daggers, and his rebellion.

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Unto Kyoshiro Blacksword of the Black Forge,

You claim to be allied with our cause, yet I know you not! 
You have accused trusted friends with treason; I ask you, where is your proof!
Name your sources, then let me judge their worth.

Our relationship with Black Forge has been one of mutual trust. Bordermarch has used Black Forge "acome sand" in its smelters since the Fifth Accord signed the Eastern Trade Appeasement two hundred years past. Black Forge sand is the only known source of iron ore that will fused with rare alchem gases to produce the blue iron our weapon-smiths prefer.
The plan to overthrow Ansteorra by subjugating Barony Bordermarch first would be like trying to swallow a live hornet's nest.
To call oneself a Bordermarcher is to profess unwavering loyalty to Kingdom Ansteorra, and all its lands. Our Baronial Guard are hand-picked Bordermarchers, one and all. I have no fear of them turning traitor. The ones know as "gargoyles" belong to a small group of thugs who's greatest claim to fame is their constant raids on the widow McKinney's rhubarb patch. She has managed to stave them off by pelting them with night-soil just as they emerge from under her garden's wattle fence.

Tokamu Mitsu, a true friend, is the proprietor of the Black Forge. He has supped with HE Elisabeth and myself at the baronial manse throughout our long acquaintance. When his young wife Mikoson was murdered by the Shincale's acolytes, it was my Lady Elisabeth who nursed his two motherless new born sons Haknu and Satkuri into their childhood. Years ago, before Nomis lost his wit, it was he who trained Haknu and Satkuri in the legendary Bordermarch fighting style. Tokamu's bond with Bordermarch was sealed when he took one our own, Lady Mary Calswurth, heiress of the Calswurth Merchant Consortium, as his new bride.

Gavan of the daggers is indeed perfecting a unique style of defensive fighting. It is based on tactics gleaned from his sparing with Haknu and Satkuri during their visits with us. His practice is so intense and time consuming I fear he has little time to plan a rebellion.

Kyoshiro Blacksword, I have sent inquiries concerning your relationship with Tokamu's Black Forge. Since my courier is swift and sure, now is time for you to crawl back under the rock from whence you came! I am not well pleased with your accusations, but I fear Tokamu Mitsu will be incensed when he learns his good name and reputation is being dishonored by a cowardly insurgent! 

HE Santiago

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It has come to my attention via unnamed sources that gavan of the daggers is
planning a rebellion. He has gathered a group of followers from your own
barony called the baronial guard, and also a group known as the gargoyles. I
have found that both groups are simply a cover for his assassin household of
ninja, and he intends to overthrow Ansteorra starting with your barony. he
is trying to gain all the power he can before he strikes. His end goal seems
to be to remake ansteorra as an japanese empire.

your ally from the east, Kyoshiro Blacksword of the black forge.
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