[Bordermarch] Gulf War Thank You's

David Lathrop dblathrop at yahoo.com
Sat Mar 28 13:07:35 PDT 2009

All kidding aside and story telling stopped HE Santiago and I want to thank all those that went to Gulf Wars or helped support the cause.

L. Adolf the Bear and his family made an awesome showing.  L. Colecte's dancing is amazing.  She inspires many with her grace and beauty. L. Brand Eirikr and L. Decimus are two that are to be reckoned with be sure. What fighters and team players.  M'Lord Carlos and little Abigail were true campers. Carlos is becoming quite the archer hitting numerous targets and Abby cut her first tooth while at War without a peep.  Thank you Adolf for making Bordermarch keep more period with your beautiful yurts, making sure we were all comfortable under the shade pavilion and by having a shower tent for us all to use.  You rock! Neh!

L. Padraigin fought her first rapier battle and did an outstanding job.  It was so fun to watch her prepare and then fight.  All though she was shaking like a leaf she did wonderful and we saw such pride on her face once she was done.  The Ravine Battle was tough. All she could say was "that was fun!" Thank you for allowing us to attend and watch you.  It was a pleasure.  

L. Halvord...what a hoot!!!  You too kicked some butt!  It was neat watching all you young men get out there on the field as a team and work together.  Thanks for all your help setting and tearing down camp and for just being a part of Bordermarch.  We really enjoyed your company.

L. Aaron Whitewolf, L. Kemela and Jessie thank you for ALL the volunteer hours you put into War at heralds point and helping around the camp.  A personal thank you for your help coloring and preparing my device to submit.  Jessie we had a blast getting to know you better and look forward to many more events with you all.

Sir Simonn, Countess Tessa and L. Zain.  As always you three bring beauty and grace to any event.  Simonn and Zain always persevere on the field and bring grace to their event.  Thank you Tessa for being a part of War this year, for being a part of the Rapier battle and helping us attend to L. Padraigin.  Nights by the fire were long we know but what better way to all get to know each other better and bond as Bordermarchers.

L. Elrique, thank you for the time you took to cook for the BBQ contest and representing Bordermarch.  Your brisket was outstanding and always the winner in our book. We look forward to your feast in May! 

L. Libby, HE Theresa, L. Padraigin and Countess Tessa many thanks for the gifts you donated to the Royals basket and volunteer point. They were greatly appreciated by us and by many. 

Dona Leah.  Thank you as well for all your support and well wishes.  We enjoyed spending time together and having you back amongst friends. We hope to see you again soon and look forward to more time together. 

and last but not least...to HE, My Lord, Santiago. Thank you for a wonderful War and a much needed, relaxing vacation.

It is our hope and wish that each year many more of you from Bordermarch and beyond will come and enjoy the Gulf War experience with us.  


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