[Bordermarch] assorted news: Calendar and Birthday updates on Website, Trumpeter...

Phocas phocas at bordermarch.org
Thu Sep 3 20:35:06 PDT 2009

Greetings Bordermarcher's and friends!
  I got to thinking that we've missed a lot of birthdays... Happy
Birthday to HE Santiago for yesterday and to Lady Lilly for today.

So I figured out how to export the birthdays from the Parchment Pages
and import them into the on-line calendar on the Bordermarch.org

The calendar now has birthdays and holidays on it.  Fighter practices
are updated also.  In researching this I found a cool little feature our
calendar will do that I didn't know about- now on the Bordermarch.org
opening page is a list of upcoming events for the next 30 days!

Check it out!

M'Lady Pandora has resurfaced and has been up late and very busy the
last several nights giving the Trumpeter a well need face lift!  The
September issue will be on line very soon.

Several merchants and a few Taverns have contacted me for Autumn Melees
already.  Notable are that Odyssey Coffee AND One Hump Camel Stop will
be back this year to Tavern.  Yeah!!!!!

Lord Phocas of Bordermarch

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