[Bordermarch] Santiago's musings- an outside perspective

ragseg at aol.com ragseg at aol.com
Thu Sep 10 04:12:19 PDT 2009

Scene opens on the Baronial manse, Baron in his finest house coat looking out at his property and posessions.....

I?think that I will proclaim an arts and sciences day for the end of the month!? There can be all sorts of activities to do such as building my great and awesome siege tower that i have planned, but no my lady made me burn all my wood.? Well maybe we could make more bows, nah, I can barley pull back the one i have.? I know, I can have the Baroness cook a great feast for all of the populace to enjoy....better not considering the last time she cooked it almost killed both of us.

Well there is one thing I know we can do, we can play with making knives in my forge...but then I need a forge, fuel for the fire, metal to melt, a bellows to work the fire, an area to set all this up....maybe I will just invite my brothers over instead.

Hey, what is that shiny thing in my yard.....

Scene closes on Baron looking intently into the grass in fornt of his house

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