[Bordermarch] Santiago's Musings Act 1 scene 2

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Fri Sep 11 12:21:58 PDT 2009

This scene finds us looking at the Baron in his magnificent study, reading by candle light a scroll that has just arrived...

Baron:? BETHY!!! (his pet name for the Baroness)? BETHY!!!!!? (this yell is done in a high pitch womanly tone)

Baroness: Yes santiago how may I be of assistance?

Baron:? Look at what that fould drat of a man Adolf the Bear wrote about me!? He is accusing me of not being able to do all the things I say I do.? Thats not fair!

Baroness:? Dont' worry lumpkins, I will help you get that mean man back.? (evil look crosses Baroness's face) I will contact all of my rabid attack midgets and have them say bad things about him.? That will hurt his feelings!

Baron:? Oh, yes, yes that sounds great.? And I will run around agreeing with them and making up big stories that will hurt his feelings even more!

Baroness:? And then you can build a Vardo for us to travel in.? It will be huge and magnificent and all the people will be impressed!

Baron:? Yes a Vardo.? It will be the grandest Vardo you have ever seen.? It will be sooo big I will need a wagon to haul my Vardo.? I can see it now, I can use the metal that is in the yard for a frame, The wood I can get from some of the trees I am going to cut down, the paint I can use what was left over from painting the estate...

Baroness: That sounds so wonderful.? I cant wait for you to start it.? Maybe you can start it this weekend while I am out of town?

Baron:? Um, well yes, I guess I could...yeah thats it, start this week end....(Barony stares down at his chubby hands, trying not to make eye contact)

(Baroness leaves stage left)

Baron (talking to himself): Yeah I will show that smarty pants Adolf.? I will start the Vardo this week end.? Lets see, I need to get the metal, opps cant do that there is too many bees around that pile, well I can chop down the tree, nah the axe is buried under a pile of junk...hey what is that shiny thing in the yard....hey I think I need to sit down a bit and think about what I am going to make.? What was it again?? Oh yeah a siege tower with a forge attached to it, thats right and I can use the metal in my yard for the........you get the point.

Scene closes with the Baron napping in his leather chair in the work shop, far away from prying eyes.



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