[Bordermarch] Santiago's musings- an outside perspective

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Thank you so much for that wonderful idea Lady Padraigin. I shall work something out whereas Lord Adolf's oversized mouth will become a renewable source of wind power.

At last year's Gulf War we caught Lord Adolf snoozing with his mouth wide open. Since the fighters were in need of a quick snack, we placed an air popper over his mouth and popped some delicious popcorn by utilizing the hot air spewing forth from his pie-hole!

I always wondered how he made that chicken jerky he passes around until I witnessed his priority process. He likes to start with an under cooked piece of Popeye's chicken thigh, the spicy kind, and just a bit of pepper.
He'll place the chicken thigh in a brown paper bag with a coffee filter in the bottom, then add just a pinch of fresh ground black pepper. When he's shaken it all up he places his mouth over the bag's opening and yodels one of the Dixie Chick's songs into the bag. Because his lips are muffled by the bag, I can't figure out what the name of the tune is, but by the end of the second chorus the chicken has been turned to chicken jerky. I figure his expulsion of hot air into a confined space pulses into the chicken. Not unlike a microwave, the warbling effect caused by yodeling a Dixie Chick's tune will heat and dry any protein based food stuff in mere minutes.

The dictionary describes someone who produces excessive amounts of hot air as a "Huffer and Puffer". Since we all know a Huffer and Puffer can blow a house down, he should be able to sit in as a forge bellows with no problem at all.

I've worked through this and have convinced myself that Lord Adolf is not jealous of my forge nor does he covet my scrap metal pile; he just wants to be known as the guy with the big heart.
>From this day forth I shall now call him BLOW-HEART!!

HE Santiago 

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Greetings Your Excellency,
Why the need for "bellows" to work the fire?  What better way to put Lord Adolf's hot air to "good" use?
In Service,
Lady Padraigin   

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Once again I must use the term "Self Loather" to describe the one who wrote the missive below. There is an underlying theme in this persons post to this list. I believe this person to be troubled and in need of some healing. Perhaps this person is jealous because this person has no shiny thing to gaze upon while pondering its place in the natural order of things.
This person does not realize that the pile of siege tower logs that were recently burned to ash was just a decoy to satiate HE Elisabeth's urge to purge! I have several piles of log hidden by overgrown brush. HE Elisabeth knows they're out there, but she dare not venture through the weeds to set fire to my treasures.

I shall have a grand time when my brothers arrive for they are related to me. 
When we were but small children, our family was very poor. My Dad sold walnuts in Massachusetts, and my mom delivered us at home; we couldn't afford donuts.
Although we didn't have much, Dad could always bring a smile to our faces by clomping two hollow walnuts together. I remember the pretzels mom would make for our Christmas dinner, they seemed huge to a young boy's eyes.

HE Santiago

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