[Bordermarch] Santiago's musings- an outside perspective

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Greetings Your Excellency,
Why the need for "bellows" to work the fire?  What better way to put Lord Adolf's hot air to "good" use?
In Service,
Lady Padraigin   

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Once again I must use the term "Self Loather" to describe the one who wrote the missive below. There is an underlying theme in this persons post to this list. I believe this person to be troubled and in need of some healing. Perhaps this person is jealous because this person has no shiny thing to gaze upon while pondering its place in the natural order of things.
This person does not realize that the pile of siege tower logs that were recently burned to ash was just a decoy to satiate HE Elisabeth's urge to purge! I have several piles of log hidden by overgrown brush. HE Elisabeth knows they're out there, but she dare not venture through the weeds to set fire to my treasures.

I shall have a grand time when my brothers arrive for they are related to me. 
When we were but small children, our family was very poor. My Dad sold walnuts in Massachusetts, and my mom delivered us at home; we couldn't afford donuts.
Although we didn't have much, Dad could always bring a smile to our faces by clomping two hollow walnuts together. I remember the pretzels mom would make for our Christmas dinner, they seemed huge to a young boy's eyes.

HE Santiago

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Scene opens on the Baronial manse, Baron in his finest house coat looking out at his property and posessions.....

I?think that I will proclaim an arts and sciences day for the end of the month!? There can be all sorts of activities to do such as building my great and awesome siege tower that i have planned, but no my lady made me burn all my wood.? Well maybe we could make more bows, nah, I can barley pull back the one i have.? I know, I can have the Baroness cook a great feast for all of the populace to enjoy....better not considering the last time she cooked it almost killed both of us.

Well there is one thing I know we can do, we can play with making knives in my forge...but then I need a forge, fuel for the fire, metal to melt, a bellows to work the fire, an area to set all this up....maybe I will just invite my brothers over instead.

Hey, what is that shiny thing in my yard.....

Scene closes on Baron looking intently into the grass in fornt of his house
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