[Bordermarch] The Man with Black Hair

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Since HE Don Armand begged me not to mention his name, for this tale so I'll just refer to him as "The Rue"; none will suspect that The Rue is really HE Don Armand
The Rue approached me with great news! His excitement was contagious. His elfish grin foretold of something that could no longer be contained! He was going to burst!
"Your Excellency, I have news!" shouted The Rue. The Rue showcased his superior knowledge of courtly graces and attempted to prostate himself before me, but I would have no such thing for The Rue was not only my predecessor to the Baronial seat, but he was, and is still my teacher.
"The Rue, what news have you that causes such excitement?" says I. "Your capricious behavior leads one to believe you're far too deep in your cups for this early hour."
"Your Excellency, I have news of a possible location for our Twelfth Night Celebration!"
"Oh, if only it were true" I mused.
"Your Excellency, I know this man,, Over there Your Excellency! the one with the black hair!" shouted The Rue.
I looked and caught a fleeting glimpse of a man with black hair, but could get no good look at his face.
"Your Excellency, that man has a mother who goes to a church located in our barony. It's a really old church!" said The Rue, all the while pointing a shaking a finger at the mysterious vanishing man. "I shall endeavor to introduce Your Excellency to my friend with the black hair, but I must now prepare to battle for honor and glory upon yonder the lyst!"

Those were The Rue's last words to me until we met again at day's end.

HE Elisabeth and I had spent the day judging the Equestrian rounds and The Rue had spent his day doing battle, we were all hot and worn out. We were finally gathered under the baronial pavilion for some cool drink, fresh fruit and discussions of the day's event, when I remembered the man with black hair, and his mother.
I began to share with HE Elisabeth The Rue's good news about the man with black hair and his mother and the church when out of nowhere The Rue started to slam his fist down on the arms of his chair! He stomped his feet and shouted, "No no NO! That's not what I said!"
I was shocked to see this man who earlier had been filled with glee now exhibit irrational behavior.
The Rue bolted from his seat and began to repeat to HE Elisabeth, the news he had shared so joyfully with me earlier in the day. Since The Rue had been fighting in the heat all day, I thought it wise to not provoke him; I would let him tell his news himself.
When I realized that The Rue had forgotten his own rendition of the good news about the possibility of a new Twelfth Night Location, I stepped in to make some corrections, he was besides himself!

Just as it was getting out of hand he shouted, "Over there Your Excellency! The man with black hair! Do you see him?"
Since I realized that The Rue was now suffering from the effects of too much heat and not enough fluid intake, I said, "Yes I do see him, you were right, that is the man with black hair,"
The Rue calmed a bit and sat back in his chair. We would have given him some grapes, but his cadet, Lord Sasha, ate all of the good ones.
The day ended with The Rue helping us tear down and pack up for the journey home.
We'll revisit The Rue's story of the man with black hair and his mother and the church because when all is said and, I do believe The Rue.

HE Santiago

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