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Your Excellency,

      I wish not to correct you nor anyone else that wears, has worn or
will wear a crown, but in this missive you wrote I have found a few
errors. As all know I was there on Saturday. The first error I found was
"His elfish grin" We all know that "Rue" has no such qualities of an
elf...So it should be said that "his girlish grin and giggles"
     The second error I found was "The Rue had spent his day doing
battle" Your Excellency, I was on the field all day. As I recall I saw
him assisting Lord Sasha rid the Baronial tent of grapes more than he
graced the field. I have photos if you wish to see.
     "Since The Rue had been fighting in the heat all day" once again he
slayed the grapes with great vengeance. The grape growers, world wide,
would have been pleased!!
     I just felt you would like to know what truly happened on the
battle field this past Saturday. So I will do my best to summarized the

     The journey to Ravensfort was splendid. If you enjoy listening to
young children arguing,asking "are we there yet" and the fact that I
made a small mistake when I transcribed the directions, it was a great
ride. Did you know that if you write the word "right" when you should
have written "left" you WILL get lost?
     We arrived at the site a little (30 minutes) after dark to the
primitive site that I have never been to before. Made it through the
gate with one small problem but it was remedied quickly. Apparently my
movie membership card will NOT pass as a blue card at gate.
     Dona Leah left Bordermarch 2 hours after we did and arrived 30
minutes after we did....So she showed up just in time to set up camp.
Her timing was great. We finally found a nice soft spot near the list
field and set up camp. I readied my lantern to find that I didn't have
any of the little sock things that you light. OK so No lantern. I did
however have a new set of magical hand held lights. With these lights
and the bright eyes of my Ram, we made camp...We set up the young ones
tents first. They needed sleep. The crying and complaining just tuckered
them out. After their tents were assembled and they in them it was time
to set up the "Master Tent". We got the tent spread out to find that
"someone" had forgotten to get the tent poles...OK so now the "Master
Tent" was rolled back up and we made our "Master Tent" out of a small
3.5 ft X 3.5 ft child's tent. And to make it even more homey there was a
root that ran the length of my side of the tent.

    When morning finally arrived, we awoke to realize that Coca-Cola is
no substitute for good ole coffee. The Golden Dona and I were not in the
best of moods since we both were suffering from caffeine withdrawals.
Luckily I sent a message to a comrade from Ravensfort and he brought us
some fresh brewed coffee.

    The Baron arrived at about the same time the coffee did, so The
Golden Dona and I did what was expected from such dedicated members of
this great Barony. After we had our coffee drank we continued to help
with the Baronial pavilion.

    At morning court they announced the numerous events that were
planned for the day. There was also a very heart felt dedication to a
fallen member, and in memory of her they dedicated the Equestrian field
of Ravensfort to her. So now when ever and where ever Ravensfort holds
an equestrian event it will be held on "Morning Star Field" It was very

   For those that entered the numerous events, I only can tell how the
Rapier side went. Have His Excellency tell of the equestrian side.

   There were 25 entrants signed in and it was a true test of endurance,
strength and ability. It must have been the most brutal event I have
taken part in to this day. You were allowed to challenge each person
only once and they could challenge back. No more than 2 fights with each
opponent. Had everyone stayed to participate, "the Rue" didn't make it
that long, each person would have fought a total of 48 fights. I am not
sure how many fights I had but I fought right up until they called an
end to the fighting. "The Rue"was last seen after my fight with him
headed to the Baroinal pavilion, where he hide for the rest of the
fighting..Hiding from the sun that is....Lord Zain was present and
marshaled a lot of fights. Thank you very much Lord Zain, your presence
was appreciated by all that fought that day. When it was all said and
done, Lord Crowley from Shadowlands claimed the title of "Cavalier of
the Fort" that was previously held by Don Peit.

    When the fighting was said and done My Lady and I loaded up the Ram
and sent the demons...errr "children" with The Golden Dona for the ride

    It was a fun and exciting time for all that attended. There are pics
on my facebook and it can be found by searching the name below.

Chestien Brule

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> Since HE Don Armand begged me not to mention his name, for this tale so I'll just refer to him as "The Rue"; none will suspect that The Rue is really HE Don Armand
> .
> The Rue approached me with great news! His excitement was contagious. His elfish grin foretold of something that could no longer be contained! He was going to burst!
> "Your Excellency, I have news!" shouted The Rue. The Rue showcased his superior knowledge of courtly graces and attempted to prostate himself before me, but I would have no such thing for The Rue was not only my predecessor to the Baronial seat, but he was, and is still my teacher.
> "The Rue, what news have you that causes such excitement?" says I. "Your capricious behavior leads one to believe you're far too deep in your cups for this early hour."
> "Your Excellency, I have news of a possible location for our Twelfth Night Celebration!"
> "Oh, if only it were true" I mused.
> "Your Excellency, I know this man,, Over there Your Excellency! the one with the black hair!" shouted The Rue.
> I looked and caught a fleeting glimpse of a man with black hair, but could get no good look at his face.
> "Your Excellency, that man has a mother who goes to a church located in our barony. It's a really old church!" said The Rue, all the while pointing a shaking a finger at the mysterious vanishing man. "I shall endeavor to introduce Your Excellency to my friend with the black hair, but I must now prepare to battle for honor and glory upon yonder the lyst!"
> Those were The Rue's last words to me until we met again at day's end.
> HE Elisabeth and I had spent the day judging the Equestrian rounds and The Rue had spent his day doing battle, we were all hot and worn out. We were finally gathered under the baronial pavilion for some cool drink, fresh fruit and discussions of the day's event, when I remembered the man with black hair, and his mother.
> I began to share with HE Elisabeth The Rue's good news about the man with black hair and his mother and the church when out of nowhere The Rue started to slam his fist down on the arms of his chair! He stomped his feet and shouted, "No no NO! That's not what I said!"
> I was shocked to see this man who earlier had been filled with glee now exhibit irrational behavior.
> The Rue bolted from his seat and began to repeat to HE Elisabeth, the news he had shared so joyfully with me earlier in the day. Since The Rue had been fighting in the heat all day, I thought it wise to not provoke him; I would let him tell his news himself.
> When I realized that The Rue had forgotten his own rendition of the good news about the possibility of a new Twelfth Night Location, I stepped in to make some corrections, he was besides himself!
> Just as it was getting out of hand he shouted, "Over there Your Excellency! The man with black hair! Do you see him?"
> Since I realized that The Rue was now suffering from the effects of too much heat and not enough fluid intake, I said, "Yes I do see him, you were right, that is the man with black hair,"
> The Rue calmed a bit and sat back in his chair. We would have given him some grapes, but his cadet, Lord Sasha, ate all of the good ones.
> The day ended with The Rue helping us tear down and pack up for the journey home.
> We'll revisit The Rue's story of the man with black hair and his mother and the church because when all is said and, I do believe The Rue.
> HE Santiago
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