[Bordermarch] Back from the Edge

nomistk at bordermarch.org nomistk at bordermarch.org
Mon Sep 21 20:22:10 PDT 2009

Your excelency,

I am BACK!  I went deep under cover in the land of the goat lovers and I almost lost my soul.  I went as far as the setting sun would allow and I found myself deep in enemy 
territory.  Oh the dark things I was forced to behold.  Goats treated like people, people treated like goats...There was the constant plotting by Baron Bourbon and coke for the 
take over of the southern half of the enemy kingdom.  The constant reminder that your navy is led by a crazy man with a sword and a fetish for deserts.  The constant attention from 
Lady Gimwat and the endless search for her magical bush....would the horrors never end?

Now that I am back in our fair lands I find such a state of danger I do not know what to say.  The Mad pastry boy seems to have your favor, his Matron, the golden Donya seems to 
have replaced/scared off the Swordsman in your court.  The fact that the barony is suspiciously short of my favored pedgions makes me believe that the russian has been at his foul 
work again.  Please be warned that the baroness does not cook well and some of the russian's posion may well get into your food and you would not notice the difference.

And just now as I type this missive I recieve your pitiful cry for help and friendship from the ENTIRE kingdom!  Oh how sad has your state of affairs become that you find it 
necessary to send such a plea for help.

Please take my warnings to heart and realize that the night of the Barony is your true friend and will hide you from harm.  Now is the time to call the kingdom to your side for the 
invasion of the land of the bearded dogs. Trust not the assains guild, the short ones or the lightly armoured ones.  They are not your true friends.

On a happy note, I searched Lady Gimwat's garden and found that her bush is not as restorative as her two shrubs.  I send a potion of this shrub to you in hopes that this is what 
you were looking for.


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