[Bordermarch] Sundays Practice

justinw at dreammakersetx.com justinw at dreammakersetx.com
Sat Sep 26 08:13:19 PDT 2009

To all,

     I regret to inform you all that I will be unable to attend Sundays
practice. I had previously thought I would be there for the start and
would have to leave, but something came up and I will not be there at
all. This is the day that I shall treat my lady to a day of pampering
for all that she does for our family.

     As many know she is an amazing woman that has a lot of "coals in
the fire". She is in college, she takes care for 4 kids, Brittany, Zak,
Christian and I. While the 3 of the little ones have small issues the
biggest of the 4 is a real challenge. Along with many other
responsibilities, too numerous to list. Yet with all that she does she
still takes time to support me in all my endeavors.

    So on this Sunday, I will be treating my lady to a day of fun that
she has been wanting for a while. We will be taking a ride on the
motorcyle with friends, This should take awhile. Dinner, some fun and to
end the evening I am taking her to a concert with her favorite band of
all time, Journey. Although she doesn't know it I am working on back
stage passes for her to meet them. Nothing definate of course but Iam
trying and bribing to make it happen. Plus with all the stressors in our
lives a day like this is what the Dr ordered.

    If anyone needs to contact me feel free to call me 409-790-2097.
Hpwever on Sunday I will not be answering the phone since we will be on
the bike.

Chrestien Brule

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