[Bordermarch] Sunday's fighter practice

Lathrop, Dave David.Lathrop at valero.com
Mon Sep 28 05:00:34 PDT 2009

Greetings Unto Bordermarch,

Sunday turned out to be a really nice day for our fighter practice in Roger's Park.

We had some very special visitors join us at fighter practice;
HL Dagr Oswaldrsson, Squire to His Royal Highness, Owen ap Aedden
HL Thora Ottarsdathir, HL Dagr's beautiful Lady, and worker bee extraordinaire!
M'lord Chance Sissom, Son of HL Drar and HL Thora
Although they now reside within the borders of the Mighty Kingdom Gleann Abhann; they chanced to make the long dangerous journey to Bordermarch to join us for fighter practice.
Word is that even  Gleann Abhann's threat of instant death on the swales of Border Keep castle during BAM this year could not sway HL Dagr's dedication to honor and duty too his knight, Sir Owen ap Aedden's, and Ansteorra's  call to arms to fight for the Sable Star!

A list of those we had a chance to visit with at fighter practice:
M'lord Bo
M'lady Karen
Lord Isaac
Lord Zane
Lord Simonn
Lord Jacques
Lady Scarlet
Lord Okin
M'lord Jago
Lady Padraigin
Lady Cataline

Our Visitors;
M'lord William of the Forest
M'lord Michael the Ambrose
M'lord Robert  Thewal
M'lady Mary Sixsons
M'lady Patricia of Brandon

Lady Cataline brought some homemade desserts that were very well received by all, and the cold drinks disappeared quickly.
M'lord  Bo was practicing his fighting stances and hand techniques when M'lord Jago, a new youth fighter of 14 years visiting from Corpus Christi, challenged him to a fight. M'lord Bo took the time to work with M'lord Jago, who subsequently had so much fun, told me he wanted to seek out the Shire of Sea Winds to continue with his fighting.
M'lord Bo also fought with 8 year old M'lord Chance, but was mildly surprised to say the least by M'lord Chance's fighting skill. It seems that HL Dagr has not remise in passing his fighting skill to his son.

The rest of the fighting was great and sharing time with friends is always a good thing to do.

We'd like to thank HL Dagr and HL Thora for driving the extra mile from Fort Polk to be with us for fighter practice. They were most gracious and respectful to all present, and we hope we'll see them soon.

Don't forget to pack your stuff for Three Queens this weekend; it's going to be a great event, with more things to do than you can shake a stick at.

Santiago and Elisabeth
 Baron and Baroness

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