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Greetings one and all. Have a seat and relax and hear the tale of how
"The Phoenix" came to be. Before we can tell of "The Phoenix" we first
have to tell the tale of "The Lucid Dream" and it's captain, Lord
Alderich The Black.

When I met Lord Alderich, it was in a tavern here in Bordermarch. He was
a rough looking fellow with whiskers of iron, eyes of ice, and a heart
of stone. He took pity on no one. He was joyous when sober and mean as a
bear when consumed by the drink. Whether stone sober or stumbling drunk,
he would neither back down from a fight, nor would he allow surrender.

We met by accident;I tripped and splashed my drink on him. He stood,
grabbed me by the neck and drug me outside to the alley. He told me to
prepare to die!! I drew my sword and squared off with one of the  most
vicious of opponents I have ever faced. As I stood there shaking, he
slowly drew his rapier. I was terrified to say the least, for at this
time I had never had true lessons of how to handle a blade. He could
have quickly killed me, without a second thought. But he didn't. He
simply stepped back, sheathed his blade, looked at me with those cold
eyes and said "If you wish to live, leave now and head to the docks.
Find my ship, The Lucid Dream. Tell the first mate that I sent you there
and to tie you to the main. If you do this you will live to see the
sunrise tomorrow morning. But if you do not go to my ship, you shall
never see the sun again."

Not being a fool I ran to find his ship. I found it and relayed the
order to the first mate. He did as told and tied me loosely to the main.
I stayed tied there for hours before the captain decided to stagger his
way back to the ship. I was alone on deck as he came up the gang plank.
He began yelling orders and from no where people began running about,
getting the ship ready to sail. As he crossed the deck yelling orders he
just looked at me, smiled and gave me a wink and never stopped shouting.

After we were headed to sea, he sent his first mate to bring me to his
quarters. Had I been on dry ground or at least still at the port I do
believe I would have ran until my feet could carry me no more. But
seeing as how we were now a long distance from land and I couldn't swim
,I had no choice but to meet with the Captain.

I entered his cabin to find a room full of gold and silver treasures. He
had paintings, jewelry, gold coins, and swords of many different styles.
All I could do is stand there and look around in awe. The captain sat at
an old wooden yet finely polished desk. He asked me "Like what you see?"
all I could reply was" uhhhh" He let out a chuckle and stood up. My
attention went immediately to him. For in my mind, my death was near.

As he approached me, he looked me over from top to bottom. I was really
getting nervous. He asked " Who in the hell taught you to swing a
sword?" I proudly replied "I did." He let out a laughter that could have
been heard back ashore. I felt like I was as small as a mouse.He laughed
a bit longer and said " I need a deck hand. If you stay on-board I shall
teach you to fight, and let you earn your way up the ranks on the ship.
You shall have no special treatment. If you wish not to stay I will let
you walk right off the ship, no questions asked, and I will not hunt
you." Well in my mind it sounded like a good deal. Stay and gain skills
both of the sea and the blade or leave and do as I please. He then
informed me that I had but a few minutes to decide. I had no skills
before this and the likelihood of me gaining skills anywhere else were
slim. So I told him I would stay. He laughed and said " Good choice lad,
in the morning I shall set you to your new duties but tonight we
drink!!!"  And drink we did. The Captain was actually a good man that
took to the seas the same way I was starting mine. He relayed a story
from his younger days when a lad decided to leave the ship. They walked
him off the deck while at sea. After he told me this I knew I made the
right choice.

I stayed on board "The Lucid Dream" for a few years and worked my way up
the ranks. Captain Alderich wanted me to broaden my outlook so he sent
me to work on another ship for a year to learn. When I returned to "The
Lucid Dream" Captain Alderich appointed me to the position of First
Mate. For years we traveled the waters and found great treasure and
exciting adventures. We traveled the world. Our crew had grown. There
were several crew mates but the most memorable ones were Lathum the
Lush. This was the Captains drinking buddy. Then there was my French
brother, Xavier, the bard Galen, and the newest member, young Giles.
When we went ashore the 6 of us could be found in the local tavern or
strung up in the blocks. When that happened it was time to find a new

During the years, we sunk many a ships, killed 10 times as many men, and
the women....oh the women...There was this red head and oh the things
she could....Oh wait..I shall tell that story at another time and place.

I can't tell you that story right now but I will tell you of the ship
that wouldn't sink. We were off the coast of Atlantia and came across a
ship that looked ripe for the picking. We fired upon the ship before
they could react. We boarded it and killed the crew with ease. There was
a fine treasure on-board as well. As we unloaded the bounty, the captain
and I realized that this ship should not still be afloat due to the
damage that we saw on our walk through. The captain smiled and said "I
have an idea." He turned around and ran off. He stopped and turned and
asked "Chrestien, care to join me?" I gave no verbal response, but I did
turn and follow him. We return to "The Lucid Dream" and Alderich began
yelling at the the crew. He told me to go to his cabin and that he would
be there shortly.

When he arrived he told me of a ship builder he knew and that we were
going to take this ship that would not sink to him and have it rebuilt.
He said " That ship out there should not be floating. But it is. That is
a ship worth fixing." So we traveled north to his friend.

His friend said it would not be easy but it was possible. We left the
ship with him and traveled some more. The seas are excellent when you
need to think or just get away and relax. But being a predator you have
to feed. And feed we did.

Months passed and many ships were sank by the crew of "The Lucid Dream".
We traveled the coast from Trimaris all the way up to the East Kingdom
and back.

We return to the new ship and it was completed. It was rebuilt to it's
original majestic presence. It was a work of art. The captain and I went
to see the builder. He said the ship was complete except for one thing.
It needed a name. Captain Alderich turned to me and asked "Captain Brule
what shall you name your ship?" I was in awe. I turned to the window and
looked at the ship that was, at one time, nothing but a floating pile of
wood. Only one thing came to mind as I looked at this beautiful
ship....."The Phoenix"

With my new ship I took on a new crew and started a new beginning. I
entered the Gulf along the borders of Trimaris, Gleann Abhann and
Ansteorra. Of all the ports I entered the friendliest was Bordermarch.
With this I began to call Bordermarch home. My ship can be found
somewhere near just daring the barbarians from Gleann Abhann to try and
enter my beloved home.

I could continue this tale and tell of the Love I found within my
beloved Bordermarch, but that's another story altogether.

I hope you enjoyed this tale of "The Phoenix" I hope to write more if
the feed back is positive and well received. Please let me know what you

Chrestien Brule

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