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Sat Oct 2 06:30:52 PDT 2010

"Woot!"  for Lady Pandora Penncraft!!!!!
And for the fact that she has "been" Lady Pandora for quite the while, a 
title from the gift of a former King and Queen
and Lady Pandora just didn't know it yet!!!

Bowing, scraping, bowing, scraping...

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My dearest Baron and Baroness!

You two have indeed made me feel so very special and needed, as did your 
successors, Their Excellencies Caitlin and Armand, and Count Sir Simonn and 
Countess Mistress Tessa! I am so thankful just to be a part of this Society 
and our own Barony Bordermarch, though the actual award has never be needed 
to feel this way, I am overjoyed to receive it! I am so grateful for the 
opportunity to provide the Barony with something specific, just from me. 
This entire SCA experience is so satisfyingly-wonderful! Thank you all for 
this grand experience and I look forward to many years of fulfilling fun!

Reverently in Service to the Dream,
Lady Pandora Penncraft
Live, Love and Illuminate the Dream!

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To Our Bordermarch Family,
It is with greatest pride and pleasure that HE Santiago & I announce our 
AOA recipient "Lady Pandora Penncraft." She was actually read into court at
Malees 2008 but due to unforeseen issues not present. We have held this 
for two years now and finally had the opportunity to bestow it upon her at
populace last night. For those of you who may not know her..she is 
deputy chronicler and does an outstanding job putting all the stories 
and information together for our newsletter. If not for her craft and talent
Santiago's words would be but dust in the wind....

Vivat Lady Pandora so deserved!

Elisabeth et Santiago
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