[Bordermarch] Update from the border waters

justin Wininger brkn_prms at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 6 07:10:55 PDT 2010

Your Excellency,

     I apologize for my absence as of late. I have been on "The Phoenix" most of the time. Seems Gleann Abhann is beginning to test the waters so to speak. We have had several vessels attempting to land upon your borders. I have ordered my crew to be a little less rambunctious when it comes to boarding the vessels approaching the shores of Bordermarch. Ever since the incident with the raiding of the manure ship, my crew has been a little more cautious on their own.

    We did locate a ship that looked to have been a supply ship carrying the Gleann Abhann supplies that were to supply their army when they attempt to invade.And that is exactly what it was.  We out numbered the crew 3 to 1. As we locked onto the vessel, The captain began yelling "PARLE, PARLE!!" Which as you know is French for "speak", but in my "profession" it is a request for safe quarter until the person can speak to the Captain of the attacking force.

    The captain asked if I would honor him with a duel, Captain vs. Captain. Being the honorable seafarer that I am, I agreed. With my crew depressed about missing out on a fight, I took the deck and faced off with my opponent. He drew his blade and began swinging it wildly. I was not sure if he was warming up or was just bored. For I have seen Lord Zane swing his rapier wildly and for no explainable reason. I asked the captain if he was ready, he replied that he was. The battle was quick. He took his stance. He used Capo Ferro, which I have faced before. He was leaning back and stated "If you fail to draw, then this shall be an easy victory for Gleann Abhann." At this remark I did what any good seafarer would do. I drew my pistol and shot him. I'm not sure why, but he had a look of surprise on his face. As he fell to his knees he asked "I thought we were to duel?" And I replied " We did, you brought a blade to a pistol duel." 

     We threw the dead captain over the railing of his ship, that way we gave back to the God of the Seas. We tied up the crew, and secured them to the starboard railing. We took all cargo we could. The ship was full of some pretty tasty foods but the wines tasted as if they were made of fermented under garments. We also found a few arms and armor, but nothing really of value. So we did what we do best and sank the rest along with the crew. 

     I must take my leave now, my Lady seeks my guidance. She is preparing to be a Chirurgeon's assistant, and has questions. I have told her that I provide injuries, not fix them. But she insists that I help. 

Lord Chrestien Brule
Captain of "The Phoenix"
Captain of The Bordermarch Navy (see "Unto The Noble Barony Bordermarch"
in Dec. Trumpeter
Rapier Marshal For the Great Barony of Bordermarch
King of my lady's heart


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