[Bordermarch] Will she ever stop

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I'm eating a sausage and egg biscuit right now. We have a wonderful cafeteria out here at work and they ship these biscuit in from China once a week.
I'm told they put them in sealed containers that are purged with argon gas to keep the egg moist and fresh for the ocean voyage. A side benefit from the argon gas is it tends to kill the trichinosis worms one occasionally finds in Chinese pork sausage.

Since the Chinese do not make cheese of any kind for export, I believe the biscuit sandwiches are taken apart by dock workers when they arrive at the Port of Houston. I know for a fact that the dock workers in Houston are union workers, I am therefore ok with them placing sliced American cheese on the sausage and egg sammie.
The bus ride from Houston to Port Arthur only takes a couple of hours, but a couple of hours is just enough time to warm the biscuits enough to melt the cheese.
When I make my purchase at 5:30am the biscuits are absolutely perfect!

I do like to wash down the biscuit with a double dose of Seaport coffee. I could be rushing to conclusions here, but I think the coffee kills off any trichinosis worms that might have survived the journey from China. Sometimes the worms burrow into an air pocket in the pork paddy, thereby preventing argon gas from reaching their lungs and exterminating them.

HE Elisabeth has taught me how to "Journal". She Journals everything. I'm not very good at it so I just keep practicing.

This just happened!!!.........

As I was Journaling about Journaling I took a deep swig of my coffee; I'd forgotten that the swizzle stick was still in the cup. It went half-way up my nose when I put the cup to my lips.
Fortunately, my co-worker, who was a chopper pilot in NAM, happened to be awake, he managed to pull the swizzle stick out of my nose!

I'm OK!, but I now worry about getting a sinus infection from the swizzle stick.
My co-worker informed me that the swizzle sticks supplied out here at work are flown in from Tanzania by Federal Express.
We all know that in Tanzania the indigenous Wasabi construct their shelter from cow dung!

HE Santiago

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Once again I am writing to the populace of Bordermarch to cry a warning...

It seems that Countess Tessa has run afoul of the Baroness and has paid the price.  once again she fulfills her promise to crush all who oppose her!

Beware of the Baroness of Border March.

On another note to Baron Santiago...Is that all you have to say?

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