[Bordermarch] Will she ever stop

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Sat Oct 23 14:39:52 PDT 2010

seneschal adolph, mehbeh i'm late in seeing your notice due to 
inaccessibility to this mail line for two weeks,
 and for sure cryptic in one hand keyboardding at this time as the left half 
portion of my frame doth not worketh...
but i haf to tell you that her excellency elisabeth did not cause this 
pretzel fall down cracking of my limbs and stretching of my joints;
in fact she is a nurse supreme who adith my recovery

you're just sad  because i can't hand you hammers or nails up to the castle 
you're just sad because now maybe you need to make the hospitality soup.
you're just sad.
and i, on pain meds, or not, am unfraid of yew.

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> Once again I am writing to the populace of Bordermarch to cry a warning...
> It seems that Countess Tessa has run afoul of the Baroness and has paid 
> the price.  once again she fulfills her promise to crush all who oppose 
> her!
> Beware of the Baroness of Border March.
> On another note to Baron Santiago...Is that all you have to say?
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