[Bordermarch] BAM?

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M'Lord Grant,

Thank you for your generous offer to let me use your favorite pillow, but I must 
insist that you keep that sheepskin to warm yourself should it get cold at BAM.
One other point; if you were to let me borrow your pillow it would automatically 
become mine due to the Echo-Spirito-Who's-Got-the-Domino treaty that was signed 
during the fourth reign of King Louis of Lumbar.
It seems the ESWhoGD treaty explicitly stated that all favorite sheepskin 
pillows once freely given to another for temporay use, will henceforth by Royal 
decree, become the permanant personal property of the previously stated 
'Temporary User".

And besides all the verbiage I just coughed-up in response to your offer; I must 
tell you that I have gotten to know you quite well Mr M'lord Grant, and the part 
you mentioned about the sheepskin being "pretty clean"  scares the hootis out of 

HE Santiago

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I was reminded by beau's phone call to you that your are looking for a thrown 
cover and when i came home i realized i have an amazing sheep's skin it is very 
soft and pretty clean if you want to use that on the back rest or something fell 
free but i would appericiate it if i got it back because it is my favorate 

m'lord Grant

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  Greetings Lady Angelica,

It was great to see you guys the other day at fighter practice.

As far as helping at the event I'm pretty sure you do not want to ride on the 
trash wagon with Lord Adolf and his crew as they gather up the trash on Sunday, 
so your best bet is to get with HE Elisabeth, she can probably line you out with 
something to help with.

HE Santiago

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