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Tue Oct 26 04:26:34 PDT 2010

Your Excellency,

     I have great news to share!!  We have a new crew member aboard "The Phoenix". He is the first Chivalric fighter we have recruited. Let me share the tale of how we found him.

    During our voyage up river, we noticed a small campfire on the sandy shores of your lands. A few of us took a dinghy (No not Adolf) in to see who was there. They might be from over the river or could be hurt and need someone to look over thier belongings. So it seemed like the right thing to do...We landed up river from the fire and stealthily walked towards it. As we got closer we could smell rotting flesh. Sewallis had to stop and sit down for a few minutes. The stench was over powering. After Sewallis recovered, we moved in closer. 

     As we closed on the camp, the smell got worse. And now we could see why. There were several severed heads upon spears ringing the camp. It was most disgusting. And the smell....It was horrible. The smell reminded me of the story you once told me of Her Excellency's cooking. Which by the way, was excellently told. Your words were so powerful, I could literally smell the foulness. Oh wait where was I? Oh the severed heads....In the center of the ring was a small tent. It was crude and poorly designed, but provided a little protection should the rains fall. Although, in the area that the camp was set,holds water with the littlest of rains, much like Dona Leah's tent. 

     We stayed at the edge of the woods and tried to eye the person camping there. And then we saw him. He was a rather small person. Smaller than me but bigger than a rock. He checked the fire, then walked towards us. I was not worried, since we were in the concealment of the trees and bushes. He stopped short of the tree line and asked "If you gentlemen would like to eat there is plenty to go around." How he knew we were there, I have no idea. I rose and exited the tree line and made introductions. He said his name was Ulferth. When asked about the heads on the sticks, he informed me that he does that as an offering to the Gods for his victory in battle. And that it also keeps demons from entering his camp. 

    We spoke for hours. He was a light hearten fellow and always looking for the next best thing. I invited him to join the crew and help us in this time of need. The borders need guarding and in return, I could offer food, housing and an enemy to kill. He thought it over while we continued to talk and agreed to give it a chance. We helped him load up his belongings and we went back to the ship. Along the way, we crossed a Gleann Abhann scouting party. Ulferth drew his blade and ran wildly at them screaming as he went. Sewallis just looked at me as if to ask "are you sure about this barbarian?" All I could do was grin and nod. Ulferth was just the wild card we need on board to bring some of the crew back to their senses. 

Cheat sheet

Lord Chrestien Brule
Captain of "The Phoenix"
Captain of The Bordermarch Navy (see "Unto The Noble Barony Bordermarch"
in Dec. Trumpeter)
Rapier Marshal For the Great Barony of Bordermarch
King of my lady's heart


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