[Bordermarch] The Battle of Three Commanders

Lathrop, Dave David.Lathrop at valero.com
Wed Sep 1 09:30:03 PDT 2010

Greetings unto Bordermarch,

HE Elisabeth and I will be attending "The Battle of Three Commanders" which is being hosted by our good neighbors the Shire of Rosenfeld.
It will take place on October 1-3 at Hawkins RV Park in Hawkins Texas; kind of north-north/southwest of us.
Last year's BAM saw Gleann Abhann's encampment expertly fortified by the Rosenfeld Castle. It was a surprise gift to Kingdom Gleann Abhann and was much appreciated.
We understand that Lord Grimvere recruited at least 1000 porters to transport the huge structure from its homeland, across impassable passes and smoking hot parking lots, to finally reach our fair lands.
Reciprocity is in order!
Rosenfeld now has need for Gate-Sitters during "The Battle of Three Commanders".
We feel it would be the very least we could do to repay Rosenfeld and the Lord Grimvere's 1000 porters for the generosity last year.
Send an email to christophersummerset at yahoo.com<mailto:christophersummerset at yahoo.com> and ask not what you can do for me, ask what you can do for Rosenfeld!
He'll set you up for a gate-shift. We can sit together so don't worry. We can also eat some food.

If you've not had a gate class yet let us know and we'll set up a teaching thing.

HE Santiago

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