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Fri Sep 10 14:58:35 PDT 2010

Your Excellency,
  As per Beau and Karen's big event, if you think it  starts about 7PM,
might you also have a clue as to which day?

As per the Trumpeter, another FINE issue by M'Lady Pandora Penncraft!  It
was on the website 16 hours ahead of your message.  Has Nomis been eating
your best pigeons again?    I put it up on the website even with the big
typo I made on my article.  It was so cleverly disguised that it slipped
past even Pandora's keen eye. I sent Pandora a correction and asked her to
make it before sending it up the ranks.  I went ahead and posted it on the
web 'cause I figured no one else reads it except for me, and I even read my
own article!- Go figure....:)

  I'll be at Simonn's in the middle of the day.... thinking about catching
Beau and Karen's event if it's Saturday evening.... or back to sanding site
tokens.  Sunday is slated as BAM 2010 Merchant and Tavern recruitment day
for me.

How's those BAM fighting scenarios coming along?   I'm ready to do some BAM
website updates. 

Any word on when ACCEPS is to open? Remember we want to make announcements
that Electricity is available through ACCEPS and will likely be sold out


-----Original Message-----

Beau and Karen will be doing something at the Art League show at the old
Gulf street fair grounds. The event is on the corner of Gulf and Plum
street. It will be their premier event and one you will not want to miss.
There will be a piñata there!
HE Elisabeth and I as well as others will be in attendance to support Beau,
Karen and the cause. I think it starts around 7:00pm, but I could be

M'Lady Pandora has just completed September's issue of the Trumpeter and
she's done another spectacular job! What a Lady!
Unfortunately, since a photo of Lord Chrestien Brule made it into this
issue, we'll offer our apologies to any who are offended for this bit of
The September issue should be on our website pretty soon.
HE Santiago

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