[Bordermarch] News to share!!!

Angel Billiot billiotkwhs at hotmail.com
Sun Apr 3 20:35:11 PDT 2011


I am super HAPPY!!! I think this news sssssoooooooooooo needs to be shared!!! I have just gotten word that others in the Kingdom have noticed our Trumpeters GREATNESS!!! It was said how they loved the illiustrations and how they enjoy it. ALSO they love the idea of the article Nuevo y Viejo, and they would like to share it with everyone. They want to let people know about it in hopes that it will spread and other groups will start running an article of such!!! Of course I said yes please do, tell everyone. What started out as something fun for me and beneficial to the barony, is now being spread around the kingdom!!! In love with the fact that our small, but mighty Barony is being noticed!!!

Lady Angelica Catolina Veronica de Granada

daughter of HE Valencia Carlota Maria de Granada

Mother to Elvin the Hunter and Claudia Maria de Granada

Captive of The Company of the Phoenix

Hospitaler for Barony Bordermarch 


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