[Bordermarch] Caravan to Stargate/Loch Baronial April 9

Jillian Birtciel saintesun at gmail.com
Mon Apr 4 11:18:39 PDT 2011

It's Monday, and time for a quick reminder that Stargate Investiture and
Joint Championship with Loch Soillier is almost upon us!

HE Santiago has declared our departure time to be 6 am from the Exxon
station at the intersection of Major Dr. & College St. Saturday morning,
April 9.   If you want further reminders or a wake-up call, let me know and
send me your best number to do so.
So far we have almost 2 dozen people planning to attend, and that is
FANTASTIC!  The site is rather primitive, so take care of yourselves: bring
chairs & blankets & covers for things so that the wee beasties (I remember
lots of ants from last time anyway) don't carry you away. I know of at least
3 pavilions traveling to site the day of, and at least one going up Friday
night.  I'm going to volunteer Chrestien & Sewallis to coordinate any set-up
for the night before, if need be please contact one of them.  Thanks guys!

I would suggest anyone needing a ride or wanting to carpool post here to get
in touch with someone who has room.  I, sadly, cannot offer a seat, as our
wagon is going to be full to the top!

 We should be covered for water and energy snacks for our group.  I'm not
arranging an organized pot luck, but I will have a couple of light meat
dishes prepared (chicken bundles & cold roast beast) to share, plenty of
fresh bread, and we've gotten offers of a vegetable tray and something
mysterious but yummy from TEs.  If you want to share in our simple fare,
anything would be welcome, please feel free!

Hoping to see you there, I remain...

Yours in Service,

~Jillian Saint Andre, OSTB

`*When I use a word,' Humpty Dumpty said in rather a scornful tone, `it
means just what I choose it to mean -- neither more nor less.' *

* `The question is,' said Alice, `whether you can make words mean so many
different things.' *

* `The question is,' said Humpty Dumpty, `which is to be master - - that's
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