[Bordermarch] Caravan to Stargate/Loch Baronial April 9

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Mon Apr 4 16:47:00 PDT 2011

Ok, those from the Phoenix that are going are leaving on Friday night. We will be supervised and kept in line by HE Dona Leah. We will do what we can to get a good place by the list fields. But last year they set the field up as they set up the Royal Pavillion, therefore we were snookered into helping put it up instead of our own. The Dons then set up thiers before anyone else could. This year I think I have a way to be able to set it up. I'll keep ya posted.

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> It's Monday, and time for a quick reminder that Stargate Investiture and
> Joint Championship with Loch Soillier is almost upon us!
> HE Santiago has declared our departure time to be 6 am from the Exxon
> station at the intersection of Major Dr. & College St. Saturday morning,
> April 9. If you want further reminders or a wake-up call, let me know and
> send me your best number to do so.
> So far we have almost 2 dozen people planning to attend, and that is
> FANTASTIC! The site is rather primitive, so take care of yourselves: bring
> chairs & blankets & covers for things so that the wee beasties (I remember
> lots of ants from last time anyway) don't carry you away. I know of at least
> 3 pavilions traveling to site the day of, and at least one going up Friday
> night. I'm going to volunteer Chrestien & Sewallis to coordinate any set-up
> for the night before, if need be please contact one of them. Thanks guys!
> I would suggest anyone needing a ride or wanting to carpool post here to get
> in touch with someone who has room. I, sadly, cannot offer a seat, as our
> wagon is going to be full to the top!
> We should be covered for water and energy snacks for our group. I'm not
> arranging an organized pot luck, but I will have a couple of light meat
> dishes prepared (chicken bundles & cold roast beast) to share, plenty of
> fresh bread, and we've gotten offers of a vegetable tray and something
> mysterious but yummy from TEs. If you want to share in our simple fare,
> anything would be welcome, please feel free!
> Hoping to see you there, I remain...
> Yours in Service,
> ~Jillian Saint Andre, OSTB
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