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HE Elisabeth has produced another dress, and has made me another fancy tunic. Both items are of a specific style, but I do not know their names.
I have also been harvesting more pine sap from my pine-beetle infested trees for another production run of bowstring wax.
Work also continues on the blacksmith shop, and foundry.

Lord Adolf has just about completed his timber frame out-building. His next project will be the design and construction of a medieval timber frame crane to lift the heavy timbers for his next building.

Lord Biau will surely write in about the Baronial Championship scroll he made, as well as his Baronial A&S entry which was another fine piece of art work.

Lady Ellen will surely write in about the Baronial Championship scroll she produced for our new A&S Champion.

Lady Karen must write in about her endeavors in the fine art of quill making and her new collection of 'oak-galls' to be used to make some period ink.

Lord Phocas is trying to keep things quite, but he has come into possession of an existing beehive. He must document, for all to read, his endeavors in trying to transfer the existing beehive from its current home to a new one of his making. Perhaps he can share his secret as to why his bees will never-ever sting his head.

HE Therese must be up to something....she'll be writing in real soon-like about her recent projects.

Countess Tessa is always busy with projects and she willingly shares her experiences with our populace; what has Sir Simonn been up to in the Armory?
As a matter of fact, if you're working on something in the armory, be it new construction or repair, we'd like to hear about it.

Our Wolfstar guys have got to be up to something, they never sit still.

Lord Chrestien must be almost done with his chair projects and will surely be writing in about them.

If you've made something or are piddling with something lately, like a food item, clothing, armor, or other stuff, write in to the list so's we can all bath in your glory!

HE Santiago

Subject: [Bordermarch] June A&S

So, what did everyone get done in the world of A&S last month?  I managed to get 2 full sized and 4 mini shields built and painted in time to be awarded to the Champions at Baronials and entered them into our A&S competition at the event.  I also prepared a class on Shield Design.
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