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Fri Jul 15 08:21:59 PDT 2011

Greetings Lord Atli,
Here is some information to add to your A & S data during July, 2011

Mondays in the armory, teaching and production continue.
The handsome baronial pass-along shields for chiv and Rapier painted by 
yourself are yet the topic of conversation. Sir John messaged that currently 
the Chiv shield is in the care of Ld Biau for lettering on the inside with 
written legend. A photograph of that shield could be easily managed locally.
Recently M'lord Sonny has worked further on his full body armor, leather, 
almost to completion. Ld Zane and Count Simonn have been teaching and 
guiding his production.
Lord Grant has worked on a fighting shield.  He has reached a point he 
contnues working on it at home.
While Ld Germanicus and his teenage son Connor/Dane Red Ax  -currently His 
Majesty Lochlan's Youth Division Champion (woot!)-   have been here for 3 
days (Wed-Fri), the armory has been a buzz during many daylight and evening 
hours. They have made new leather body armor, hip armor, and elbows for Dane 
in prep for Pennsic.
Ld Jeffrey Barbarian together with Dane and Germanicus made new straps to 
revive Jeffrey's well-used armor.
Ld Thorkin came to exchange battle stories and sailing stories, camping 
stories and tales survival.
Ld Biau and Ly Karin regualry attend armory nights about twice a month to 
produce projects. Biau is currently making a battle mace.
Ld Zane is testing balance components for several different handles of 
rapier blades. Over summers has also made, taught how to make, and given 
away numerous boffer weapons. He has also made and taught inovative 
construction of pole weapons to share at tny, melee situations or GW. Zane 
is presently teaching Dane to make his own pole arm.

Mondays at the kitchen hearth, M'lady Melia, M'lady Mary regularly attend 
for baking with Countess Tessa, and recently Lady Jillian came also. Lady 
Jillian bakes breads frequently at her home as well, and @ June 25 event she 
gave a lovely bread basket including bread cloths to Their Majesties. 
Together last Monday we all baked 10 loaves of bread, a batch of muffins, 
and a cake called "hummingbird."  We made manchet bread, wheat and white, 
some with home grown herbs, some with fruits and or seeds. One loaf that 
turned out heavier than anticipated will be sliced/dried/toasted for 
"biscotti."  Breads are frozen for the forthcoming July 30 AHSS event.
Tessa is growing plentiful 3-to-4 foot high basil plants and huge rosemary 
bushes growing, for clipping by anyone who wants fresh herbal seasonings.

Several volunteers have thankfully answered the wish list for food 
contributions for July 30 provisions.
HE Elisabeth:   pork roast; tomato basil salad
Ld Olaf:  chicken ka-bobs and a meatball dish.
M'lady Ida:  deviled eggs.
Ly Ellen:  chicken salad; preserves.
M'lady Magdelena:  cookies
Lady Libby:  cool potato salad
HE Therese:  chilled green salad makings.
Ly Jillian, M'lady Mary, M'lady Melia:  homemade breads
HE Tessa:     home breads; stuffed dates; artichoke-cheese bake; fighter 
biscuits; yogurt servings; leomnade; some disposable serving goods for 
buffet use

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